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Top of the Class Airfix/Hornby


A42509 Airfix Engineer – Combustion Engine model

More and more these days it seems to me that good Customer Service has become a thing of the past, consigned to the realms of  myths and legend, a nostalgic memory for those of us who remember when high streets were buzzing with small family run, old world shops, the terms ‘supermarket’ and ‘call centre’  hadn’t been invented yet and people actually spoke to each other, wrote letters by hand and were more likely to pop to the shops on a push bike than in a car.

Christmas 2015, one of Middle Mudlets’ gifts was the Airfix Internal Combustion Engine kit. Mud has always enjoyed model making and has many a fond childhood memory of spending evenings and weekends building tanks and airplanes from various kits. A few years ago he bought the girls their first Airfix model airplane kits, spending hours in the weeks and months that followed, teaching them how to assemble the component parts ready for painting and weathering. Both girls took to it really well and since that time, have progressed on to more complex models culminating in assembling and painting in superfine detail, miniatures from the Games Workshop, Warhammer range.

The drive belt had snapped

The engine kit was a huge success with Middle Mudlet taking care to follow the instructions carefully and before too long she had a working model of an internal combustion engine. The engine has a clear outer case which allows the viewer to see how the various parts work and one of these moving parts was a large toothed drive belt at the front of the engine behind the fan. A much prized model, it has been lightly used and has been on display in Middle Mudlets’ room since she finished it. So it was with sadness that on Sunday of this week (1st October), she noticed that the white drive belt had snapped.

“Don’t worry,” I said, “I’m sure Airfix will have a replacement part. I’ll email them.”

I hadn’t specified which had broken, so they sent both!

Mud snorted at this but I wasn’t deterred and a few clicks later I had completed the online enquiry form and an email was winging its’ way through the ether to the Airfix/Hornby Spares Department, asking if they had spares of the belt. An automated reply informed me that spares enquiries could take up to 28 days before a response was received and so it was with some surprise that I notice an email pop into my inbox yesterday (Tuesday 3rd October), advising me that a spare was on its’ way.

Today a little padded envelope dropped through the door. Inside I found not only a replacement for the white belt which had broken but also for the thinner black one which hadn’t. I hadn’t specified which belt was broken and so the Spares Department had sent one of each …… free of charge!!!

What amazing Customer Service. Such an uplifting example of putting the customer first and so Airfix/Hornby goes top of the class with a distinction. Well done guys and thank you.


2 thoughts on “Top of the Class Airfix/Hornby

  1. So pleased to hear that in this throw-away world, there is still a company out there looking after customers in the old-fashioned way. And seeing this lovely kit I now know what to get myself for Christmas.

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