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Purple jumper dress with rose trellis hem pattern

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I think this Rose Trellis panel looks really effective.

Every now and again I decide I need a bit of a challenge, to push myself and try something new. I’ve been playing it safe recently, making animals using a basic stocking stitch, repeating Middle Mudlets’ snowflake jumper which has been my first foray into using more than one yarn when I originally made the blue variant back in 2015. Looking through my past projects, you could be forgiven for thinking that the lacy or cable based patterns are the hardest to do and that the notion of merely introducing a second yarn into the equation, wouldn’t prove too problematic but that’s not the case for me. I’m happiest working away on ‘complicated’ lace patterns and give me a cable pattern to get my teeth into and I’m happy as a pig in muck, as they say in these parts. 

No, for me, the problem with using a second yarn to create a design has always been the tension it can create, preventing the item you are working on from stretching the way it should. Then another blogger, Claire from the Mollie & Claire blog, gave me some advice on how best to work with two yarns and, voila!, a few weeks later Middle Mudlet was the proud owner of her blue snowflake jumper and such was my confidence, I happily repeated the design in Autumnal colours a few weeks ago.

Rose Trellis chart copied from the free PDF supplied by

So when Little Mudlet asked if I could incorporate a colour pattern into her next jumper dress, I thought that I would be a little more ambitious and try a three colour pattern. I decided to adapt the Sirdar Crofter dress pattern which I know is a great fit, using the dimensions stated in the pattern leaflet but instead of using another shade of Crofter DK to make the pattern, I’d use three shades of James C. Brett Top Value DK because I know it knits up, wears and washes really nicely.

The back of the work

I had already found a lovely looking Rose Trellis pattern chart on to use which had a free PDF to download which I did and then I drew the chart ready for use. It has proved surprisingly easy to follow and translated easily onto the dress pattern, with just one extra stitch to incorporate into the chart which repeats twice across the dress. To make life easier for myself, I split the pink wool into 4 balls of equal weight and then one was attached at the point where each of the four roses was to be worked, instead of having to continuously work the purple, green and pink balls across the back of the work for the duration of the pattern panel. I did need to unravel the 6 strands every few rows but I feel the stretch that has resulted from this approach is better than had I woven three strands across the back. I hope that makes sense.

Just over halfway through the pattern chart: the pattern has two repeats for this dress

I’m really pleased with the finished look of the rose trellis panel and you can see that I also incorporated the green and pink into the rib which I think looks pretty and Little Mudlet loves her dress so far. Now I have the more boring solid purple stocking stitch section to complete, although I may try to incorporate the colours in at the top of the section as well ….. let’s see how I feel when I reach that stage!

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