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A new year approaches and there are changes afoot

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It’s hard to believe that another year has passed by in what seems like a mere blink of an eye. In just a matter of days we will be welcoming in another year and with it comes the promise of new adventures, opportunities and more chances to realises long held dreams, or brand new goals. As the years march on by, Mud and I watch our three beautiful girls grow both in stature (although I feel Little Mudlet will always be a mere slip of a thing), confidence and character.

We see:

  • Eldest Mudlet forging a new life for herself, courageously moving on from familiarity and taking a chance on a new job, determined to battle her ailments, planning a future with her fiancé;
  • Middle Mudlet becoming more independent and vocalising her points of view (a little cheekily at times it has to be said), refusing to conform to the stereotypical image of a young teenage girl, having the strength of character to follow her own heart, do the things she enjoys, regardless of what others might think, a tom boy for the most part with just a touch of ‘girl’ thrown into the mix; and
  • Little Mudlet, my baby but the eldest in her school, preparing to move onto the next stage in her development – secondary school (11 to 18 year olds for those non-UK readers), also having to face changes within her own little world, having the courage to face the future no matter how uncertain she feels about what’s happening.

2018 brings changes for me as well, in the form of a new job.

A work from home, part-time role which means that, for the most part, I can still be there at the start and end of school for Little Mudlet! Can still run the gardening club when Spring arrives.

It’s this change of career that has had the most impact on Little Mudlet because for the last 4.5 years, I’ve been a dinner lady at her school and so she is used to seeing me about the place. I’ve also been a volunteer in one of the classes, one afternoon per week for the last 18 months. So for her, the knowledge that she won’t see me at lunchtime and that, with the exception of gardening club and parent events, her school life will be devoid of my presence, has rocked her world somewhat but I have the firm belief that in a week or so, she will have adapted and may even appreciate having a mum-free zone in her world.

As for me, this change in employment is exciting, not to mention a relief. Don’t get me wrong, I loved my work at the school and I will miss the children hugely (although I will still see them at drop-off and pick-up times) but with Mud working between 50 and 70 hours each week, I felt it was important for me to find a job that offered more than 6.25 hours per week by the time Little Mudlet started secondary school. I’d been looking for a while, applied for a few part-time and/or term time only vacancies and even had a few interviews but nothing came of these. So the offer of a part-time, home working position was a no-brainer and, to be completely honest, it will be nice to get back into a job that requires me to use my skills, to challenge myself mentally.

The new year also heralds the start of a new growing season in our vegetable garden. It has been rested for just over a year, has been enriched with manure, mulched and will hopefully yield an impressive crop over the coming months. Middle Mudlet will also be growing her own choice of crops in her own patch of garden and I think that once the season starts, we will also have the company of Little Mudlet.

Finally, I’m hoping that the coming year will be a good ‘cycling’ year as well and I am determined to get back into the routine of 2-3 bike rides per week. Back in 2016 I set myself the goal of cycling up one of the hills near by and I’d made good progress by the end of the Summer but my activity fell off somewhat this year, for no other reason than a period of bad weather knocked me out of routine and I just never got back into it, a state of affairs which I am determined to rectify. So I’m carrying that goal forward to this year and will keep you abreast of my progress which, I anticipate, will be a long, slow process.

Thanks to all who have read, liked and/or commented on what has been a very intermittent blog this year and from all at Mudville, I’d like to wish you all a happy, healthy and prosperous 2018.

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