The Land Rover Owners Wife

2018 – one day at a time

So now for something a little different. On this page I’m going to try and write something positive for each and every day of 2018, in the belief that finding that one positive thing about each day will, in turn, make me a nicer, happier person to be around. So here goes:

February 2nd – first set of true leaves developing on tomato seedlings

February 1st – loving my newly highlighted ‘red’ toned hair

January 31st – beautifully relaxing visit to the hair salon

January 30th – the first day in forever that my back isn’t aching

January 29th – the first of the ‘Sweet Peppers’ are emerging

January 28th – spending quality family time over a 6 hour game of ‘Risk’

January 27th – actually managing to get a lie in this morning ….. bliss!!!

January 26th – treated myself to new cloths and perfume with the first wages of my new job

January 25th – Feeling much better today that I did yesterday

January 24th – seeing what appears to be the first chilli seedling emerging in the other propagator

January 23rd – Finding the first tomato seedlings emerging in one of the propagators

January 22nd – spent some quality time with Middle Mudlet

January 21st – Little Mudlet bankrupting Mud in a ruthless game of monopoly

January 20th – discovering the joys of a memory foam mattress topper

January 19th – getting a big hug and beaming smile from Little Mudlet when she came out of school

January 18th – the joys of a wood burner on a cold day

January 17th – I got my knitting mojo back 😀

January 16th – we got snow!

January 15th – planted Christmas Tree seeds with the younger Mudlets

January 14th – first of this years seeds planted ready for the new growing season

January 13th – first attempt at home-made Carbonara given massive thumbs up by Mudville pasta fiends

January 12th – seeing loads of different varieties of birds at the feeders

January 11th – had a long soak in the bath with no interruptions

January 10th – played a game of Monopoly with the Mudlets

January 9th – Christmas tree finally consigned to the garden and post-Christmas clean done

January 8th – haven’t got that ‘Monday’ feeling for the first time in ages

January 7th – seed compost, seed potatoes and chilli seeds bought – time to get growing

January 6thI made an all year round light feature for the dining room, for less than £4, using LED Christmas Lights bought in the sales

January 5th – my first piece of work for new employers has met with approval

January 4th – Little Mudlet survived her first day at school without me

January 3rd – the greenhouses survived the storm and hurricane force winds

January 2nd – Made my first ever Beef Bourguignon and everybody is still healthy 😀

January 1st – Today is officially the start date for my new job – although it is a bank holiday so I haven’t actually had to do anything 🙂