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Then there are the ‘Grow-your-own’ Christmas Trees

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A future Mudville Christmas tree may be cocooned in this pod

During our visit to Fillinghams’ Christmas Tree farm back in December, I spotted some packets of ‘Grow-your-own’ Christmas Trees for the bargain price of 99p each. I thought that these would be a fun thing for the youngest Mudlets to try to grow, so we paid for two of them and the girls were delighted with this extra purchase. All through Christmas the pods were proudly kept with their sleigh gifts and Christmas toys, waiting for the day when we could plant them …… and that day was today.

Ready, steady. go! Enough already, i want to see the tree!

Having dug out and cleaned two large plant pots and found the relevant sized plant pot saucers to stand them in, the girls set about filling them with seed compost, watering well and then sinking the triangular-shaped, biodegradable pod into the soil, taking care not to fully submerge the pod, as per the instructions. It’s exciting to see if the seeds grow, how they grow and just how successful these pods will prove. I’m going to have to research how to grow Christmas trees if we’re to have any chance at all of succeeding.

Watch this space ….. I’ll keep you updated.


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