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Exciting things happening on the Mudlet Christmas Tree farm

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Middle Mudlets’ tree is coming straight up the middle…… in a curly sort of way.

A few weeks ago I told you about the Mudlets and how they had planted their ‘Grow Your Own Christmas Trees’ seed pods which we had bought from the Christmas Tree farm when we got our Christmas Tree.  They had cost the princely sum of 99p and to be honest I wasn’t hopeful that we would have any success with them, especially as the pod containing the seed was made from that biodegradable cardboard stuff which, in my experience, tends to go mouldy at a much faster rate than that which the seed contained within it grows at.

Little Mudlets’ tree is growing up the side

So three weeks have passed since the pods were sown and we have plenty of tomato and chilli seedlings from seeds sown at the same time but no sign of life other than the aforementioned mould ….. until that is today, when Little Mudlet, who was home from school because she wasn’t feeling too well, and I spotted the first signs of life in BOTH pots!!!

We have Christmas trees!!! Albeit tiny little shoots, not even fully emerged from the safety of their cardboard cocoons but they offer hope for future Christmases ……. if we can keep them alive and help them grow strong and tall, that is.




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