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Saplings and seeds

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Twins – they look like miniature Palm Trees at this stage

Not entirely sure when a seedling tree becomes a sapling but I like a bit of alliteration in my titles and so ‘Saplings and Seeds’ it is. We have no less than three Christmas Tree babies but oddly enough and to the fascination and wonder of the younger Mudlets, they look remarkably like tiny palm trees. Middle Mudlet has two trees from her pod, both of which are standing straight and proud, and Little Mudlet has one which appears to be a day or two behind Middle Mudlets’ in terms of germination and growth. Both girls are thrilled to pieces and can’t wait for the babies to be big enough to plant on, although they are in big pots already, so it may be that we end up carefully replacing some of the seed compost with fresh all purpose compost in a week or two. I’m going to ask the advice of another blogger who I’ve been following for a year or two and who just happens to live on a farm that, amongst other things, grows Christmas Trees.

We’ve got lots of chilli seedlings

Meanwhile, in the propagators the first true leaves are starting to develop on the chilli, sweet pepper and tomato seedlings and I am delighted to announce that we now have seedlings from every variety we sowed. The tabasco chillies have finally started to put in an appearance over the last few days and we now have four and in the second propagator the World Beater sweet pepper seedlings have also popped up but they are a week or more behind the mini sweet peppers. Even more tomato seedlings have germinated which, fingers crossed, bodes well for a good crop later in the year. I tend to grow cherry varieties, as we find that the salad varieties struggle to ripen before the first frosts, no matter when I sow the seeds.

And baby makes three

Mud tells us that from all he’s read (he follows the weather forums daily) it could very well be a late start to Spring this season which isn’t what I want to hear right now, as Middle Mudlet is looking forward to sowing the next batch of seeds in a week or so and I will have to start chitting my King Edward seed potatoes soon.

Another new variety for Mudville – Tabasco seedlings

In the mean time, Middle Mudlet and I need to get out and clean the greenhouses, as well as scrape back the left over large pieces of mulch from the beds. The tree mulch has had all autumn and winter to break down, depositing much needed and vital nutrients into the soil beneath, all the while preventing weeds from taking over the beds and providing a source of food by way of bugs, for the healthy wild bird population that frequents our garden. Middle Mudlet and I are really looking forward to sowing the Atlantic Giant pumpkins and we will probably sow some seeds indoors and then sow the rest direct. Middle Mudlet has visions of barrowing a humungous pumpkin onto the front drive come Halloween – I think we might have to do a lot of feeding and watering to achieve that but there’s nothing wrong with ambition and, you never know, we might just be able to realise that dream, if Ma Nature is on our side.

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