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And then there was greenery …..

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And there I saw a spike of green …..

Yesterday, the Mudlets were excited to see that in three of the four propagators we planted up last week, there are signs of life. Radish and mixed lettuce have appeared in the green propagator. Mangetout, climbing beans and a runners are popping up in one of the black propagators and mixed winter squash are peeking out in a second black propagator. Still no signs of life in the third black propagator which is home to pumpkins and another winter squash variety, or in Little Mudlets rose tin but Middle Mudlet has emerging seedlings in her tin of Gerbera. I don’t realistically expect the roses to appear for at lest another seven days, though, so all is well.

Mangetout and Climbing Beans

Bean and mangetout seedlings are amazing to watch grow. From the time you first spot the unfurling seedling to the point when they need a stick for support, seems to be a blink of an eye, as these determined little plants put on inches at super sonic pace and the mangetout, in fact peas in general, are hell bent on taking over the known universe, spreading out their tendrils and grabbing firm hold of anything foolish enough to get close enough, or stand still long enough for the plants to wrap themselves around.

The tomatoes have survived …..

Meanwhile, out in the little greenhouse, much against my expectations, the tomato and sweet pepper seedlings I transplanted a couple of weeks ago, are coping really well and the tomatoes have definitely turned a healthier, darker green colour and the peppers have all grown, benefiting from the added protection of a propagator within their fleece tent. When I first put the seedlings into the greenhouse, the tent had three layers of fleece on a night and was only removed completely every other day. At the start of this week, I started removing the fleece covers every day, covering them up at night and then two days ago I removed one layer of fleece on a night time. I plan to remove the second layer of fleece in another 3 or 4 days, unless temperatures take a dramatic downturn, but it will probably be a couple of weeks yet before I will feel confident enough to remove the fleece completely on a night time.

And the sweet peppers are looking really healthy.

Back indoors and the chillies are quickly outgrowing their original propagator tray and desperately need potting on. This may well be a job for tomorrow and then they will join the tomatoes and sweet peppers in the fleece tent …… or I may need to reorganise the green house staging to allow me to create another fleece tent, as I don’t think there will be room for all the chillies in the existing structure.

Who knows, if Spring decides to hang around on a more permanent basis, we may just be able to get out and start clearing the beds in the next few days and get the parsnip and carrot seeds sown.

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