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Seed to seedlings – a new variety

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Atlantic Giant seedlings

It’s been a while since I did a seed to seedling post because, knowing my soil and space limitations, I tend to grow pretty much the same sort of thing. This year however, we’re growing a variety new to Mudville, the Asparagus Pea, and so I’ll be plotting their progress throughout the year and hopefully we’ll have a wonderful new vegetable to try in a few months time.

The link for the Asparagus Pea post is here and I’ve updated my A-Z of seeds page too.

Other new varieties for Mudville this year include:

  • Cabbage, ‘Minicole‘;
  • Carrot, ‘Cosmic Purple‘;
  • Chilli, ‘Hot Curry‘;
  • Chilli, ‘Paper Lantern‘;
  • Chilli, ‘Tobasco‘;
  • Climbing Bean, ‘Blauhilde‘;
  • Pumpkin, ‘Atlantic Giant‘;
  • Pumpkin, ‘Baby Bear‘;
  • Tomato, ‘Craigella‘;
  • Tomato Cherry, ‘Sweet Baby‘;
  • Tomato Plum, ‘Rainbow Mix‘; and
  • Winter Squash, ‘Honey Bear‘.

We’re particularly excited about the Atlantic Giants and it seems to be an awful long wait until October.


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