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Middle Mudlets’ garden: April

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Hard at work clearing her patch of garden

Middle Mudlet is really excited about having her own patch of garden to cultivate. She has her sights set on the young gardener platter at the local garden show in August and is nothing if not determined. For my part, if it gets her out of the house more than usual, I’ll be extremely happy.

All cleared and ready for planting

Of course part of the deal is that she has to do everything for herself, from clearing and weeding her own space, to planting and sowing her own seeds. She chose her own varieties of seed back in the Autumn and, for the most part, we’ve managed to track them all down, making changes as new seeds types were spotted, or where the specific varieties weren’t available but suitable alternatives were.

Two rows of carrots sown (you can just about see the row markers) and a bag of potatoes.

We set many of the different seeds off indoors and most of these are now ready for planting on and moving out into the greenhouses, albeit under a protective layer of fleece but some of the seeds could only be planted out of doors and for that we needed good weather and a lot of hard graft. Over this weekend, Middle Mudlet has cleared her patch of the large pieces of mulch which haven’t yet rotted away to nothing, pulled out the few weeds that had taken advantage of small gaps between the mulch and bed edging and helped with other jobs around the garden.

She has also planted up her own bag of first early ‘Pentland Javelin‘ potatoes which is sitting beside her newly cleared vegetable bed and sown a row of purple carrot ‘Cosmic‘ and orange carrot ‘Resistafly‘ both of which have been covered with enviromesh to protect them from root fly and pigeons. It remains to be seen if she keeps up her endeavours, or if I ended having to take over her crops ……I really hope it’s the former. All I can do is encourage her if her commitment starts to fail but that’s the thing with children, they can and very often do, surprise you.

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