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Purple jumper dress with rose trellis hem pattern – nearly finished!


I love the border

It seems like forever since I started the little purple jumper dress with rose trellis border pattern for Little Mudlet and to be fair, it has been almost 6 months since I posted about it. The thing is, as often happens, life got in the way of progress and I wasn’t able to pick up my needles and knit comfortably for a while, by which time the act of actually continuing with the dress felt more like a chore. To be honest, I kind of fell out of love with knitting for a while and decided I needed to take a break.

The centre(ish) cable pattern

This break coincided with me starting a new job (working from home, part-time) and for those first few weeks, by the time I finished for the day, I just wanted to chill and so my knitting bag sat by the sofa, mostly untouched bar the odd hunt for needle and thread for Cuddly Toy repairs.

The sleeves are not a matching pair

Over the last two or three weeks, my mojo has started to return and I finally picked up my needles and continued with the little dress. Now all the pieces are made and last night (Monday) I finished the neckband. I’m now bracing myself for setting the sleeves, my least favourite part of any sleeved garment make, before finally sewing the side and sleeve seems, tidying the loose ends and giving it a quick press.

I hope the neckband will tie the three colours together

From the start, I’ve put my own stamp on this project. The pattern measurements are based on the Sirdar Jumper Dress pattern I have knitted twice before, for Little Mudlet but that is where all similarity ends, as I have incorporated a lovely rose trellis pattern which I found here (, as a border just above the bottom rib, front and back. I then decided to add a little border of cable pattern about where the waist would be and then for one of the sleeves, I took one of the flowers from the rose trellis pattern and then adapted the vine to wrap around the sleeve. The other sleeve was left plain other than the green and pink dots that I have created in the bottom rib and rib of both sleeves. For the neckband I decided to tie the whole piece together by knitting 5 rows of purple 3×3 rib, 3 rows of green and a single row of the pink and finished by casting off in the pink as well.

This evening I hope to finish the sowing up and finishing off and will endeavour to get Little Mudlet to model it for me tomorrow – I don’t think I’ll have too much trouble getting her to agree.

2 thoughts on “Purple jumper dress with rose trellis hem pattern – nearly finished!

  1. How inventive you have been, what you have shared so far looks gorgeous so I can’t wait to see it modelled once sew together. Love the addition of the rose trellis, very fitting for such a green fingered lot.

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