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Middle Mudlets’ Garden: the straight carrot experiment



Spot of working the soil can lift your spirits and restore your equilibrium.

There is nothing quite like a stint in the garden, working the soil, sowing seeds and planting out plants, to ease away the stresses of a busy week and so with Middle Mudlet in a full on teenage angst mood when she got home from school, I suggested that she change into some old clothes and go do some work on her vegetable patch……

….. or to be more accurate, fill one of the vegetable planter bags I bought from Wilko’s the other week, and plant out her tomato and cucumber plants.

Planting out a tomato and a cucumber.

As with the tomatoes I planted last weekend, she used a mix of topsoil from one of the defunct raised beds and the remaining compost from of the first of the growbags. This planting bag is wider than the potato planting bag (also from Wilko’s) she had used for her second early potatoes the other week which means that there isn’t any room for it near her vegetable bed, for two reasons: firstly she has another bag of the potatoes to plant up this week which will need to be placed beside the first one; and secondly, it would block the path through to the greenhouse, causing a trip hazard and I’m too old to be coping with cuts, scrapes and broken bones, especially if they’re my cuts, scrapes and broken bones! So the vegetable bag will be living on the concrete area outside the greenhouses BUT it will still be her responsibility.

About now you might be wondering “What about the ‘straight carrot experiment’?”

The amazing carrot experiment begins …..

Well, if you look carefully at the pictures of the vegetable bag, you will notice what appears to be two black tubes sticking about 2 inches out of the compost. These are actually the hollow plastic legs for some of the shelving I use in the greenhouses to lift the plants off the floor. They’re about 18 inches long and about 1 inch in diameter and we thought it might be fun to try and grow a carrot in each of them just to see what would happen and if it is possible to grow a perfectly straight root.

Middle Mudlet filled each tube with compost, watered the tube and then placed two carrot seeds in the centre of each tube before covering them with more compost. The plan is (and Gail you might want to skip this next sentence because it mentions thinning out) that she’ll grow one seedling per tube which will mean thinning out the weakest one if two appear, carefully watering and feeding as necessary until the time comes to gently unearth them ……. of course we will need to keep a careful eye on them to make sure they don’t out grow the diameter of the tubes, making them nigh on impossible to get out in one piece, because that would be a disaster!

Watch this space for regular updates on the progress of ‘the straight carrot experiment’!

2 thoughts on “Middle Mudlets’ Garden: the straight carrot experiment

  1. You do know I’m crying now, don’t you? Poor baby carrots. Joking aside – great blog xx

    • OMG!!! Give me a minute. Got to recover from the shock of WP letting you comment on my blog again :O

      Lol, I hate thinning out as well but for this experiment to stand a chance we have to have one carrot per tube ……. BUT I can delegate the task to Middle Mudlet coz it’s her veg planter 😀 xx

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