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Jumper Dress in James C. Brett Rustic Aran Tweed

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Rustic Aran DAT32 jumper dress

With Little Mudlets’ Rose Trellis jumper dress completed, I turned my attention to my next project. When I had ordered the yarn for the Rose Trellis project, I had also found and bought a pattern for MY next garment and the pattern had been carefully stowed away, awaiting its’ turn.

And its’ turn is now.

I like the Rustic Aran look of this yarn

So with that in mind I set about looking for a suitable yarn ……. not that I had to look too far because, as it happens, the yarn recommended in the pattern leaflet had great reviews and some really nice colours. The yarn is James C. Brett Rustic Aran Tweed which is 20% Wool, 77% Acrylic and 3% viscose and it comes in 400g (695m / 760 yds) balls. I chose shade DAT32 which I would class as teal and it has a little rust colour speck running through it. I started working on the back last night and I have to say that the yarn feels lovely and soft to work with.

But the lighter colour of this shows the pattern detail much clearer

As for the pattern itself, I was slightly disappointed to realise that the back of the pattern is worked entirely in stocking stitch and the pattern panel is only on the front and sleeves. It does annoy me when pattern leaflets only give the front view of a finished item, where the back is completely different to the front of the garment but, to be fair, it wouldn’t be too difficult to add the pattern panels to the back if I wanted to. However, for this project I am going to work the pattern as written.

I’ve posted a picture of the front and back of the pattern leaflet, even though the pictures are of the same garment, just in a different yarn (James C. Brett Aran in grey / Rustic Aran in the red) because the front shows the pattern number but the lighter grey of the back picture gives a much clearer view of the cable panels.

I’m looking forward to progressing with this project …… because larger needles and Aran weight yarn will work up really quickly.


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