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Middle Mudlets’ Garden: the first harvest

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Middle Mudlet proving that you are never too old to dig for gold!

When Middle Mudlet and I planted out the first set of Pentland Javelin potatoes way back in on April 15, ten weeks until harvest seemed ever such a long way into the future and yet here we are, just over eleven weeks on and yesterday, Middle Mudlet went digging for gold and her teenage self was as excited at the discovery of creamy skinned tubers, as any of my younger club gardeners. 

Her first harvest,

To be honest even I was amazed at how big some of the potatoes had grown, especially when you take into account the very small amount of rain we’ve had in recent weeks, and I took as much delight in watching her reap the rewards of her hard work as in any achievement of my own. She positively beamed.

“Can I pick my beans and peas as well mum?” she asked, “So we can have them for tea as well as my potatoes…..”

All thoughts of a cool salad went out of the window because, in spite of the heat, there was no way we were NOT going to be having her potatoes, beans and asparagus peas as part of our evening meal.

So it was that a quick menu rethink saw the residents of Mudville sitting down to a meal where the salad had been replaced by new potatoes, runner beans (bolstered by a few from the main garden), climbing beans (also added to from the main garden) and asparagus beans, partly boiled and then fried in butter with salt and pepper …… and a truly delicious alternative they were.



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