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Little Mudlets Craft Success

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A last minute creation; the wonder of a childs imagination.

Little Mudlet didn’t have any produce to exhibit in the local show but she did have entries for some of the childrens’ craft classes. Having been successful last year with her photography entry, she had been snapping away trying to get the perfect shot for several weeks and Friday saw me heading into town to do some shopping but also to use the photo printer which is in one of the shops.

Immersed in creativity.

Our printer is quite old now and whilst I know it could print the photo’s out, I also know that the clarity of the finished photo, together with the cost of replacing the ink cartridges means that it makes sense to use the state of the art machine in town ….. oh and let’s not forget that we haven’t been able to get a replacement blue cartridge yet which would probably result in less than perfect pictures.

Reaching the shop I was horrified to discover that the machine was out of order!!! And before you ask, it is the only one in town.

So plan B kicked into action which is pretty impressive when you consider there wasn’t actually a plan B until that moment and I headed to another shop which has a fantastic selection of crafting items and I bought a varied selection of items from which I hoped Little Mudlet would be able to create a work of art for one of the other classes.

She was so upset (she takes a pretty good picture, so her disappointment was understandable) but when she saw the selection of craft items I had come home with, she was somewhat appeased. Changing into some old clothes she got stuck into creating a masterpiece and within a few short hours she had put together the picture shown in the photo at the start of this post.

Little Mudlets PomPom Pals for The Fiver Challenge

As well as her last minute picture, she decided that she would take a painted rock and a couple of the PomPom Pals she had left over from a class project at the end of June. Basically each child in her class was given a £5 stake by Santandar as part of their national ‘The Fiver Challenge’ initiative and they had to come up with an idea which would generate the £5 back plus 50p. Anything over and above would go into school funds. Using left over oddments of wool, cardboard feet and googlie eyes, Little Mudlet had made PomPom Pals, to sell at the class ‘Fiver Challenge Sale’ and had sold most of them but had kept a couple as a reminder.

She also decided to take a little clay pot she had made back in June. A few years ago, Mud, in a moment of madness, had bought each girl a toy pottery wheel as one of their Christmas Presents. I can’t even begin to tell you my thoughts when I realised that these were working pottery wheels which were used with real clay. Remember that the Mudlets were about 6 and 8 years of age at this point and all manner of nightmare images were flying through my mind. Mud supervised a session with them both in the garden the following spring/summer but from that point on, the pottery wheels have been packed away and left on the toy shelf, gathering dust. Until, that is, this year. Middle Mudlet and I were busy in the vegetable garden when Little Mudlet asked Mud if she could play with her potters wheel. So Mud got it out and set her up on the small garden table and after only a very short period of instruction by dad, she set too, immersing herself in the craft and by the time she had finished she had produced the most amazing little pot.

A successful day all round.

Come Saturday morning whilst Middle Mudlet was setting out her produce, Little Mudlet set out her own exhibits entering the Painted Rock, Picture (using any medium) and Craft Item (any medium) with three entries for the Craft Item class. Fast forward to 4pm and we headed back to the show where Little Mudlet discovered to her delight that she had placed first in the Picture class and in the Craft Item class with her little pot and she had placed second in the Painted Rock class, earning herself a whopping £2.50 in prize money.

And as for her photographs ….. well there is another local show coming up in a few weeks and she is already planning what other craft items she can take to that show and then there’s the small matter of growing Grass Heads for the Grass Heads class as well.

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