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An Ode to the Summer break

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Summer’s nearly over and the days are growing short,
The schools will soon reopen and there’s still uniform to sort!

There’s English homework still to do because ‘later’ never comes,
She goes upstairs, walks past her books and her guitar she quietly strums.
Thinking we can’t hear her, her scales and chords she’ll play,
Then deep notes of the trombone sound, chasing homework thoughts away.
The youngest thinks her sisters’ room is an extension of her own,
And wonders in at half past six and (in not that quiet a tone),
Asks her sleeping sister “Do you want to play?” and I’ll hear some muffled warnings,
to which the youngest sibling says, ‘Wow! You really don’t do mornings!”

Arguments and giggling fun are heard in equal measure,
And every surface in the house is covered with their treasure.
Lego dragons, Nexoknights and multitudes of bricks,
Are everywhere, and have you ever noticed how easily glitter sticks?
And it seems no matter what I do to confine it to one place,
When my youngest is done creating, sparkles cover every space.

To keep the two girls occupied I thought that I would ask,
If they would sort the games shelves out (it seemed a simple task),
Remove the boxes, one by one, and stack them on the table,
decide what stays, what can go, their old enough! Their able!
Or so I thought.
Five seconds in the youngest child was heard to say “That stays!”
Followed by “That stays!”
“That stays!”
“That stays!”
Her exasperated siblings shouted ‘Mum, we can’t agree!
She wants to keep everything. She’s not listening to me!”
Finally the shelves were done, the decisions had been made,
The dust and dirt had disappeared and not everything had stayed.
The girls stood back and admired their work, proud of what they’d done,
(And I was just relieved to note that ‘Mastermind’ had gone).
Now if only I could get them to tackle their rooms together,
To sort and dust and tidy out ….. but that won’t happened, ever!

Summer’s nearly over and the days are growing short,
The schools will soon reopen and there’s still uniform to sort!
Once the rush to get out the door and catch the bus has ended
And we see the carpets free of toys, and that silence has descended,
We’ll revel in the knowledge that we survived the summer break
And we’ve a whole year to recover because that’s how long it’ll take !!!


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