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Mudlets Triumph Again!


Stumpy carrots and Middle Mudlets’ first place long carrots.

Following on from Middle Mudlets success at a local show in August, both girls have been preparing for another local show which took place last weekend.

Middle Mudlet was anxiously checking the status of her compact cabbage plant, carefully squeezing the forming head to check that it was firm and hadn’t blown and, with her eye on the longest runner bean class, she imposed a blanket ban on picking her beans a few weeks ago which resulted in a nice selection to choose from, not only for the longest class but also the main runner bean class. Little Mudlet has been helping with the main tomato plants and checking the carrots she sowed way back when.

Middle Mudlets little cabbage which she is so proud of.

Saturday morning saw us out in the garden early, checking and selecting show worthy produce, looking for blemishes, trying to get produce of the same size, shape and colour. It’s been a tough old year and certain crops have really struggled and have failed to put on much in the way of growth or, as in the case of the runner and climbing beans, have started to produce vegetables extremely late on, making every single pod a very important pod indeed. That said we eventually set off to the show venue with a goodly selection of items to display.

The Red Cherries were Little Mudlets’ and placed first, whilst the orange plum cherries placed third and were Middle Mudlets’.

Produce in place we headed for home to while away the hours until we could return to see how the girls’ entries had done. To be fair there wasn’t a massive turn out, with some classes only with one or two entries BUT as it turned out, this didn’t automatically assure the exhibitors of first or second place. No quite the opposite in fact. If the judge didn’t think the item(s) was/were of a suitable standard, then third place was the highest certificate awarded, regardless of the number of entries.

The second place runner beans were delicious.

So it was with delight that Middle Mudlet found that her long stemmed, yellow carrots which were the only entry in the ‘Carrots Long’ class had been awarded first place and both girls were given first (Little Mudlet) and second (Middle Mudlet) in the ‘Carrot Stumpy’ class. Although Middle Mudlets’ longest runner didn’t place, her other runners gained a second out of four entries, in the ‘4 Runner Beans’ class. As for her compact cabbage well that got a second as well. Little Mudlet trumped her older sister in the ‘6 Cherry Tomatoes’ class, securing first out of six entries with Middle Mudlet achieving third. Little Mudlet also got first in the childs’ photography class and second in the childs picture and so, all in all both girls were thrilled and delighted, taking home £5.50 (Little) and £5 (Middle) in prize money ..…..

…… and a new found confidence and determination to do even better next year when, depending on the type of growing season we get, they may face tougher competition.

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