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Annie and I meet snow


A light dusting of snow

It’s been quite a while since I wrote about Annie because, for the most part, she’s been extremely well behaved, happily carrying us from A to B and back again, trundling along without a care in the world. All through the lovely long hot sunny weather last year, she never put a wheel wrong, passed yet another MOT without issue and basked in admiring glances wherever she went.

Then the cold weather came! The cold damp weather and with it, numerous annoying jobs from niggling little things up to the larger more eyewatering jobs, involving hours of Mud kneeling on a gravel drive, in inclement weather, liberal use of a hammer and much swearing. Most of the latter was aimed at the designers and engineers of the Series Land Rovers who seemingly employed contortionists to fasten various nuts and bolts in places unreachable by most people, nuts and bolts which were a mix of metric and imperial and for which we never seemed to have the right sized spanner.

The most recent issue involved the snapping of a windscreen wiper and then the hunt to track down the windscreen wiper arms and matching blades to fit my old girl. The first delivery of parts brought with it the correct wiper arms but the wrong wiper blades. So a second order was placed and a new set of arms and blades arrived which matched the opposite component from the first order. Of course this all coincided with the arrival of the snow, ice and sub-zero temperatures ……. and a lot more swearing!

We’ve escaped the worst of the snow so far this winter but we did have some last week and Mud took the opportunity to take me out for my first driving experience in the snow in Annie, to teach me how to use the 4wd. It was quite scary to start with, with Mud getting a little frustrated with my hesitance as we drove up and down the hills which surround our village. However, by the time I drove back onto our drive, my confidence was much improved and I was feeling quite pleased with myself.

Over the last week Annie and I have meandered along the roads in snow and ice, culminating in a trip this morning, on freshly laid snow (albeit a fine layer). So I stopped to take a picture from the warmth of Annies’ cab.


2 thoughts on “Annie and I meet snow

  1. I’ve just changed to a 4wd and drove in my first snow yesterday! It was a bit scary until I got my confidence. My last car was like an ice skate so I was house bound when it snowed. I was feeling rather smug, yesterday!!

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