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Magic Pudding explained.

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Vanilla ice-cream is the perfect accompaniment for this pudding.

A few years ago I wrote a blog on Magic Pudding ….. or at least I thought I did but when I actually searched for the post, I realised that I had only done the recipe with a picture of a portion of the pudding. I hadn’t explained why it has ‘magic’ in the title!

I came across the recipe again the other day and decided to make it today, as it is an extremely quick and easy pudding to make and, when the magic happens, has the ‘Ohhhhh’ factor for children (and some adults). However, having found an explanation missing from the earlier post, I decided to show you what the pudding looks like, at it’s various stages. The Mudlets have never gotten over the awe moment when they realise that the finished product has actually arisen from the most unlikely looking concoction that goes into the oven.

I don’t pretend to understand the science behind the pudding because, to be frank, in my mind it shouldn’t work and the first time I made it, I was convinced I hadn’t read the recipe correctly and was extremely dubious as I popped it into the oven. This pudding does produce the most delightfully light sponge and a really scrummy chocolate sauce to go with it and so without further ado here’s what to do with the batter and the sauce once you’ve made them:

In a buttered dish dollop the cake batter

I usually put all the batter in at once but this time I decided to put about half of the batter into the dish, add a generous helping of Chocolate spread and then cover that with the remainder of the sponge batter

Then add the watery sauce and watch your sponge batter disappear. This is where you need to have a little faith and trust the recipe

This unlikely concoction goes into the oven for about 40 minutes …….. and when you get your pudding out something magical has happened

I serve this hot with ice-cream because there is nothing quite as nice as melted ice-cream and warm chocolate sauce and the addition of the chocolate spread, added a little extra yumminess to what is already a delicious pudding.

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