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Sweater in Stylecraft Cabaret – Forest Glade

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Stylecraft Sweater in Cabaret Double Knit Forest Glade

Around Christmas time an email from Deramores dropped into my inbox with the news that they were offering 10% off all purchases. Having finished my little stockings a couple of weeks earlier, I was looking for a new project – for Middle Mudlet this time – and so logged into the Deramores site and had a browse. Before long I had found a pattern which Middle Mudlet was happy with and had chosen a yarn to go with it. As it happened, the recommended yarn for the pattern, Stylecraft Cabaret double knit, had a range of gorgeous colour ways and Middle Mudlet chose the Forest Glade colour, a beautiful variegated green stripe ranging from dark bottle green to a much lighter pastel, with a shimmering thread running throughout.

The stripes are bold and sparkly.

I’ve added a clickable link to the Stylecraft website here as this gives a better representation of the colour, than my own pictures. Stylecraft have rather brilliantly knitted what look like squares of the various colourways, so you can get a really good feel for how a finished item will look, not only for the cabaret yarn but for ALL their yarn by the looks of it. However, I digress.

I had to give up on this annoying knot as I couldn’t untangle!

Each ball of Cabaret is 100g (230m in length), is an Acrylic (98%) and Polyester (2%) mix, with an incredibly soft feel. It is knitting up quite well and isn’t harsh on the hands as you work with it. However, it is extremely loosely wound and as such, has a tendency to drop large mounds of yarn off the ball as you work and because the yarn is slightly hairy, this can become a nightmare to unravel and rewind, as the ‘hairs’ bind themselves to each other. I had to sacrifice a 1m length because I simply couldn’t untangle it without running the risk of ruining the look of that section of yarn, rendering it useless anyway.

Little Mudlets top (the pink one).

That said the stripe is really eye-catching and Middle Mudlet is really pleased with the look of the front and back sections. I have now started the first of the sleeves and even though the pattern is a bog standard stocking stitch, the yarn is so pretty, it makes even the tedium of stocking stitch easier to bear.

Little Mudlets’ pattern came in a kit with enough yarn to complete the largest size in each style option.

With Mudlets’ pattern and the correct quantity of yarn in my basket, I carried on browsing figuring that with 10% off, I might be able to find something suitable for Little Mudlet and I wasn’t disappointed, coming across this charming top/sweater pattern, in King Cole Splash double knit. The pattern was being sold as part of a kit, with the yarn used in both pattern options, enough to make each variation in the largest size, included in the price. The yarn looks nice and is 100% Acrylic, in balls of 100g (290m). The pattern is a digital download and I’ll be making the pink top for Little Mudlet.

It’s nice to have a bit of a yarn stash and I’m hoping to have enough of one lot left over to make a pair of fingerless gloves for Eldest Mudlet, who put in an order for some a little while ago and then I’ll have to decide what to do with the second lot of Splash yarn because Little Mudlet doesn’t much like the second pattern option and, to be fair, neither do I.


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