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Stylecraft Sweater in Cabaret Forest Glade – loosely wound yarn


One and half sleeves

In my first post about the sweater I’m currently making for Middle Mudlet, I mention the fact that the yarn I am using, though lovely and soft with a very pretty shiny graduated green stripe colourway, is extremely loosely wound and has proven a tad problematic when it comes to me rewinding it onto the ball, with the fine hairs binding into an untangleable knot. Such was the problem that at one point, I had to cut a 1 metre length off, as I was unable to untangle the knot it had formed.

Since that post I have completed both sleeves and have now started the cowl neck band but as I was knitting the sleeves, I decided to take some pictures of the yarn so you can see the problem.

One of the clumps which dropped off the end of the ball.

Right from the very start the feel of each ball of this yarn is very soft and loose and once you have worked through the first metre or so, the strands start to come free of the main ball, eventually dropping off the end in a clump.

A very loosely wound yarn.

At this point I would say that this issue wouldn’t stop me using this yarn again because I really do like how it knits up and the finished look of the garment pieces but I would strongly recommend that if you decide to use Cabaret, make sure you wind any clumps back around the middle of the ball as soon as possible, to reduce the risk of tangling.

2 thoughts on “Stylecraft Sweater in Cabaret Forest Glade – loosely wound yarn

  1. When I was little staying with my nanna always involved sitting with my hands stretched through new balls of wool as she rewound them. Seemed pointless to me but perhaps you’ve just told me why😊😊

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