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A list for the holidays

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Chilli and pepper seedlings with Pentland Javelin potatoes

I have a list of jobs that need doing over the two week Easter Break and I have decided I’m going to list them here, ‘tick’ them off as I complete them and see how many I can motivate myself to complete. Whilst I managed to get a significant amount of clearing up done last weekend, I spent a large percentage of this week nursing an aggravated sciatic nerve but I absolutely need to get jobs done this week or we will be too far behind to catch up.

I have seedlings that need potting on and moving into the greenhouse, under fleece at night, to make space for more seeds to be sown and propagated on the windowsills. So without further ado here is my list of jobs:

  1. Clear out and clean the large greenhouse;
  2. Pot on most of the seedlings and move into the greenhouse;
  3. Move the large tray of chilli and pepper seedlings into the greenhouse. These aren’t big enough to be potted on as yet;
  4. Sow more seeds in the windowsill propagators;
  5. Sow carrot, parsnip and beetroot seed and cover with netting;
  6. Buy a load of compost, fish blood and bones and chicken manure pellets;
  7. Clear the last of the vegetable beds out;
  8. Spread fish blood and bones and chicken manure pellets on the veg beds and dig in;
  9. Plant out the first of the potatoes; and
  10. Clear out and clean the smaller greenhouse.

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