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Well worth the effort.

If I’ve said it once I’ve said it at least once a year for the last eight – I hate the annual greenhouse cleaning ritual. So, as you can see, first thing this morning my greenhouse was looking very much the worse for wear, with compost, spiders webs and general detritus liberally decorating the floor, staging and trays whilst the greenhouse panels where a very definite shade of algae green.

A sorry sight.

A dozen or so pots of last years’ pruned chilli plants were still in situ where they had been over wintering. I had hoped that they might survive the cold depths of the British winter and rejuvenate because I have read that chilli plants produce larger crops in their second year and as we had such a fantastic crop last year, the thought of a second year crop was too tempting to ignore. Unfortunately, a quick inspection of the pots proved that there was not going to be a second crop from these plants and so I consigned them to the compost heap and started to clear out the greenhouse ready for cleaning.

I came across a quarter of a tub of fish blood and bones that I forgot I had

All in all it took the best part of 5 hours to clear and clean the large greenhouse. I used a disinfectant to wash the panels and frame down which doesn’t give as shiny a finish as soapy water but at least it kills most of the bugs off.



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