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new-hair-2Six weeks on and another trip to the hairdresser. The wonderful Fran, my stylist, managed to cut most of the remaining dyed hair off and with just a small amount left on the front, we both agree that my next cut will reveal my natural colour in all it’s unmasked glory. 

I’m very surprised with just how quickly I have adapted to being silver haired and it’s quite hard for me to imagine being dark brown now. Family, friends, colleagues and even strangers have commented on how lovely it looks and there is a definite shimmer and sparkle from the silver that runs through the white.

Now I need to concentrate on getting back into shape, and with the One Million Steps challenge due to start on July 1st, and my sprained ankle finally recovered enough for me to start walking to fitness in earnest, I chose today, probably one of the hottest days so far this year, to kick start my regime.

So I took note of my weight, as well as my hip, waist and bust measurements, so I could monitor the overall impact of my attempts to get back in shape – although I am not intending to share these figures on here (I have my pride), I will share any losses, or gains. You will also notice that I will not be using the word ‘diet’ after this post because I am not going to diet, more I am going to adjust my eating habits. I have long thought that the term ‘diet’ has an instant negative impact on most people and instantly makes you crave the very things your ‘diet’ forbids you to eat. 

Measurements taken and recorded, I set off for a 30 minute walk, including a hike at speed up the steepish hill out of the back of the village, wearing my maxi sundress, sandals and a shawl draped over my back and shoulders to protect them from sunburn. In all this walk took 27 minutes and 51 seconds, burned up 100 calories and took 2,963 steps. With a target of 11 thousand steps per day needed to meet my one million steps target by September 30th, I’m going to have to commit to a much longer walk each day but it’s a start.

One final point to mention is that I am still not eating a lot of chocolate, following my DeChox way back in March. Where my snack of choice used to be a huge chocolate bar or a packet of chocolate biscuits (yes you read that right – a packet of biscuits), now more often or not, it’s a chocolate free option that I’ll choose, or a piece of fruit! I can’t tell you how happy this makes me feel and the fact that I have successfully controlled my chocolate habit, really spurs me on and I truly believe that, for the first time ever, I have the confidence, strength and belief that I can actually do this.

Watch this space and wish me luck.

NB: The One Million Steps Challenge is a fundraising event for Diabetes UK and if anyone would like to help me reach my target, please message me and I will happily send you the link to my Diabetes UK Fundraising page. Thank you.


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