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A little bit behind but ….

84 cells of chilli and sweet pepper seeds.

Looking back I can see that I sowed the chilli seeds in January last year and we had already seen the first seedlings popping up by now and so it would make sense to say that in sowing the first of our seeds today, we are a tad behind. However, a more detailed study of last years growing season reminds me that whilst we had indeed sown the first chilli seeds back in mid January, once they had poked their heads above the compost, they opted not to spread out their roots very much, until the much warmer weather arrived some weeks later. In fact so slow was their growth, so reluctant were they to throw out more roots, develop more leaves and branches, that I began to wonder if the whole crop was destined to fail. Thankfully their slow start didn’t have too many repercussions later on in the season, as we had one of the best chilli harvests ever. Continue reading


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Magic Pudding explained.


Vanilla ice-cream is the perfect accompaniment for this pudding.

A few years ago I wrote a blog on Magic Pudding ….. or at least I thought I did but when I actually searched for the post, I realised that I had only done the recipe with a picture of a portion of the pudding. I hadn’t explained why it has ‘magic’ in the title! Continue reading

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Bring David Ibbotson home GoFundMe appeal

David Ibbotson was piloting the plane in which Emiliano Sala was travelling when it crashed, killing both men. In the days following the crash, the Media made much of how sad it was the Sala was lost. Little consideration was given to the missing pilot and his family and when Sala was recovered from the wreckage, you could be forgiven for thinking that he was the only passenger and victim of the tragedy. Glad as I am that Salas’ family has been given the opportunity of closure, I am also very cross that the pilot has not received the same level of coverage.

A few days ago Davids’ daughter set up a GoFundMe page to try and raise the £300k needed to continue the search for her dad and it currently stands at £239k but donations are slowing down. What really REALLY annoys me about this, is that with just a handful of exceptions, the highly paid members of the footballing community/media haven’t rallied around to help, as many of them did for Sala! This tells me more than words about how celebrities of the footballing world view the ordinary person.

They would do well to remember that without their support staff, people like David and the ordinary fan, they wouldn’t be the highly paid ‘stars’ that they are today.

Two men died on that plane. Two sets of family grieve. No-one person is more important than the other.


Annie and I meet snow

A light dusting of snow

It’s been quite a while since I wrote about Annie because, for the most part, she’s been extremely well behaved, happily carrying us from A to B and back again, trundling along without a care in the world. All through the lovely long hot sunny weather last year, she never put a wheel wrong, passed yet another MOT without issue and basked in admiring glances wherever she went. Continue reading

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The first garden purchases of 2019.


Hoping for another sizzling chilli year.

“But it’s only the 4th of January”, you may well be thinking, but when it comes to chillis and peppers, you really can’t start too early, especially when you consider that it can take several weeks for chilli seeds to germinate, or the fact that realistically there is only a short ripening window. No, the sooner you start chilli and sweet pepper seeds off the better in my humble opinion. My tomatoes won’t be that long behind either but they’re a bit trickier, as they have tendency to legginess (is that a word?) if kept in the house too long BUT I will struggle to get them ripe before the end of the growing season, if sown too late. Continue reading


A belated Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Some of the treats baked for Christmas & the Mudlets’ house

Time has flown this year, more so than in other years I feel, and even Christmas has whizzed by in a blink of an eye and 2019 is just two more sleeps away. This Christmas I’ve baked new and old favourites and will be making more sweet treats for the Mudlets over the next day or so. Continue reading

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All Chillied Out.

The final chilli harvest of the season.

All I seem to be posting about at the moment is making chilli pickles but I can announce with conviction that this is the last pickling post for this year because today I cleared the last of the pods from my plants and cut healthiest of the plants back to a few inches tall in the hope that they will successfully overwinter. With my chillies washed and drying, I gathered my ingredients for making the pickling liquor and washed and dried the jars I needed. Continue reading

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More pickled chillies for Mudville

A bumper crop.

Earlier this week Mud opened one of the jars of Jalapenos I had pickled five weeks ago, to add to his Chicken Fajitas and declared them a success. He told me they were tasty and hot, better than the shop bought ones we spend a small fortune on each year. With lots of chillies still growing in the greenhouses, and handfuls of the incredibly successful Curry Chilli in the freezers, I decided to make a second batch of pickled Jalapenos. Continue reading

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There be Bronze in that there Rubble Heap

One of my rescued Bronze Fennel seedlings.

If there is one thing guaranteed to strike fear into the heart of a Land Rover owners partner, it is the words ‘We need to bleed the brakes!’ and it was those words that Mud uttered yesterday! My heart sank because bleeding the brakes of a series Land Rover is never easy, is never a quick job, always involves much cursing and swearing and invariably results in mutterings about rusted bleed nipples, located in nigh on impossible to reach places, due to the nonsensical design whims of the Land Rover engineers of by-gone days. Continue reading


Jumper Dress in James C. Brett Rustic Aran Tweed: a triumphant finish

This dress sits neatly just below the knee.

Well it took some doing but I finally finished my jumper dress and I have to say that I love it. It is so warm and comfortable to wear and I would absolutely recommend the yarn and the pattern. The only adaptation I made was to knit the sleeves slightly shorter, so that they sit more three quarter length. The dress sits neatly just below the knee and can be worn either with leggings or boots and thick tights and definitely looks better on a body. Continue reading