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An Ode to the Summer break

Summer’s nearly over and the days are growing short,
The schools will soon reopen and there’s still uniform to sort!

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Little Mudlets Craft Success

A last minute creation; the wonder of a childs imagination.

Little Mudlet didn’t have any produce to exhibit in the local show but she did have entries for some of the childrens’ craft classes. Having been successful last year with her photography entry, she had been snapping away trying to get the perfect shot for several weeks and Friday saw me heading into town to do some shopping but also to use the photo printer which is in one of the shops.

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Middle Mudlets’ Garden: Award Winning Potatoes

A very proud young gardener

When Middle Mudlet asked me if she could have her own patch of garden this year, little did I know that this was to prove one of the most challenging growing years of my short home growing experience. What a year for my middle child to dip her toe into the vegetable growing world!

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Mudville Lego City


Mudville Lego City with the much loved Yellow Brick house

It’s been almost four years since Mud built a not so little yellow Lego house for the girls to play with and in spite of his repeated requests for it to be demolished so that he can rebuild a new and improved version (the perfectionist in him hasn’t ever really been 100% happy with the finished model), both of the younger Mudlets have resolutely refused, happy with the yellow creation, sharing custody – for the most part, amiably – and incorporating it into their games at will.  Continue reading

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Almost Wordless Wednesday

When endo’ cramps forced Eldest Mudlet to take a rest in the field, Prince came over to check on her and kept her company for 10 to 15 minutes. She set her phone up on the barrow and started to film and managed to catch this beautiful moment which clearly shows the strong bond and affection that has developed between them in the three years since she bought him.

She is his world and he is hers.

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Middle Mudlets’ Garden: the first harvest

Middle Mudlet proving that you are never too old to dig for gold!

When Middle Mudlet and I planted out the first set of Pentland Javelin potatoes way back in on April 15, ten weeks until harvest seemed ever such a long way into the future and yet here we are, just over eleven weeks on and yesterday, Middle Mudlet went digging for gold and her teenage self was as excited at the discovery of creamy skinned tubers, as any of my younger club gardeners.  Continue reading

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The giant, the mini and the just plain weird!

Gerberas in a tin

During last autumn (or Fall for the Americans amongst us), Mud and I added manure and a thick layer of mulch to the vegetable beds, with a view to enriching them. For the most part, the beds had been rested for a year and with the addition of enriching materials, I had anticipated the healthiest of healthy plants, thriving on the nutrient rich soil. Unfortunately, things haven’t worked out quite like I’d planned. Continue reading

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Jumper Dress in James C. Brett Rustic Aran Tweed: Summer Sunshine and Winter Knits

Summer sunshine and winter knits

It struck me as rather incongruous to be sitting in a sundress, with the sun beating down, temperatures of 23/24 degree heat knitting an Aran weight jumper dress but it didn’t stop me doing it. I simply refuse to sit indoors and moulder when the sun is shining and I have the chance to enjoy the summer sunshine. Fresh air and the need to soak up as much vitamin D as I could, saw me pack my project and its’ HUGE ball of yarn, into my craft bag and head outside.  Continue reading

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Thunder and lightning …… oh and hailstones too!

The potato stems took a bit of a battering in the bags …..

Even as a child I wasn’t fond of thunder, preferring to take refuge under my bed covers, fingers in my ears, assuring my teddy bears and dolls that there was nothing to be scared of. Nowadays, as a parent I have to present a confident and untroubled front, not always easy when each bang and flash brings back that urge to hide. Continue reading

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Homegrown Wednesday

20180612 sweet william flower

Sweet William flower cluster

A few years ago I sowed some Sweet William seed and dotted around my garden are three or four mature specimens from this sowing. I get a huge sense of satisfaction watching seeds I sowed turn to seedlings and mature into healthy plants and there is a real joy in seeing flowering plants come back stronger year after year and as a tribute to these beautiful plants I’m sharing this picture of one of the stars of my garden, a glorious, cluster of deep pink Sweet William flowers.