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Bring David Ibbotson home GoFundMe appeal

David Ibbotson was piloting the plane in which Emiliano Sala was travelling when it crashed, killing both men. In the days following the crash, the Media made much of how sad it was the Sala was lost. Little consideration was given to the missing pilot and his family and when Sala was recovered from the wreckage, you could be forgiven for thinking that he was the only passenger and victim of the tragedy. Glad as I am that Salas’ family has been given the opportunity of closure, I am also very cross that the pilot has not received the same level of coverage.

A few days ago Davids’ daughter set up a GoFundMe page to try and raise the £300k needed to continue the search for her dad and it currently stands at £239k but donations are slowing down. What really REALLY annoys me about this, is that with just a handful of exceptions, the highly paid members of the footballing community/media haven’t rallied around to help, as many of them did for Sala! This tells me more than words about how celebrities of the footballing world view the ordinary person.

They would do well to remember that without their support staff, people like David and the ordinary fan, they wouldn’t be the highly paid ‘stars’ that they are today.

Two men died on that plane. Two sets of family grieve. No-one person is more important than the other.


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Uniform monopoly!

Time was when school uniform was available from a variety of shops, allowing healthy competition, helping parents keep the costs of essential items to a minimum. Should you require a school blazer, you would be able to purchase a suitable one, in the correct colour, from any one of a number of local shops and then your mum would sew a school badge, purchased from the school itself, onto the pocket. In fact blazers were generally an optional extra, with jumpers or cardigans in the correct colour and a good winter coat the preferred option. Any apron would do for home economics, as it was then called and so long as hockey socks were a good match to the official school colour, then all was well. Continue reading


10 000 BC – what were they thinking?

I have been known to forage edibles for the Mudville Tribe

I have been known to forage edibles for the Mudville Tribe

We don’t watch fly on the wall reality TV shows in Mudville. There is no place in our life for Big Brother, celebrity or otherwise and, to be frank, I couldn’t care less whether a bunch of so called celebrities can survive a few weeks in an over scrutinised, thoroughly monitored and completely safe jungle environment. As for the attractions of life in Essex or Chelsea – well have the same appeal to me as a trip to the dentist. So when I saw adverts for Channel 5s latest offering, I wasn’t unduly worried, paid no heed at all and got on with life in Mudville. Continue reading


Discounted rates for non believers!

Little Mudelts collection of Schleich Fairies

Little Mudelts collection of Schleich Fairies

Little Mudlet has had a wobbly tooth for days now and as she has been helping it along by way of persistent wiggling, it was no big surprise when I found myself presented with said tooth first thing this morning. Tooth loss is always a double edged sword for Little Mudlet, for much as she had the worst experience out of my three girls when these teeth first made their appearance way back when she was a baby, she also seems to be having the most pain when they are in the process of falling out. As she stands before me with each tooth, it is with a mixture of tears of pain and the joyous thought of yet another visit from the Tooth Fairy, whose ‘Cash for teeth’ policy, is one to which she wholeheartedly subscribes.

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In the event of an emergency…..

Pictures of the subject matter weren't an option so I decided to share some of the flowers still in the garden.

Pictures of the subject matter weren’t an option, so I decided to share some of the flowers still showing in the garden.

As I was raking about in my drawers the other morning, bleary eyed and feeling every single one of my five hundred and forty something years, it struck me that in the event of an emergency (getting hit by one of the mindless boy racers who seem to think that it’s perfectly acceptable to speed along our road at mach 5, for example), my under garments would leave a lot to be desired.

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Broadband issues …….. again!

The first Home Hub 3 ......

The first Home Hub 3 which, after only 12 months or so, was declared faulty and …..

Over the last two years or so, I have had numerous dealings with our broadband provider, trying to resolve a problem which pops up every 8 to 10 weeks or so. I have endured the patronising operatives in the Indian call center who seem to be of the opinion that as a mere female, I can not possibly be intelligent enough to understand the complexities of broadband and can, therefore, be fobbed off with any old excuse. Continue reading


To do or not to do – a bit of a dilemma

thelandroverownerswifeThis post has nothing to do with my garden, the school garden, family life or the Land Rovers. It doesn’t even relate to knitting or home baking and yet, in  a way, it’s about all of those things and, specifically it’s about some of the wonderful, friendly and talented people I’ve met since I started my blog and my need not to offend or upset them. Continue reading


I cook with spam, eat spam but I do NOT deliver spam!

So for 6 months or so I have happily posted my blog entries, responded to comments, liked, followed and even made comments on other peoples blogs, all without issue or cause to complain, until this week! For some reason known only to themselves, Akismet have decided that my comments on other peoples blogs are SPAM and, as such, they have been putting them in to the recipients SPAM folder.

I know that they have tightened up their SPAM filter and this is why innocent comments have been caught but surely they can see the ‘history’ of a blogger via their email address which is, after all, logged against each comment made, and from this history can determine the legitimacy of the comment made! Continue reading

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One, two, three, four, five …….

Third lot of mangetout planted out

Third lot of mangetout planted out

The “Oh for pities sake!!! Not again!!!” uttered by a supremely frustrated Mud last night, sent my heart plummeting to the soles of my feet, as I realised that this could mean only one thing – the internet was playing up again and that meant another phone call to the call centre … for me … first thing in the morning.
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Call centre before coffee? Not a good plan!

Over the last 18 months or so, we have been experiencing an intermittent but recurring problem with our Broadband connection …… and by ‘we’ I don’t just mean Mud and I! No, I’m talking virtually the entire village!

Of course initially you think you’re on your own and that it is your own fault when your service provider claims that:  “it is probably your equipment that is at fault and it will cost you £100 if the engineer [which they have finally agreed to send out], finds that this is the case.” At least I think that is what they say but it is hard to get past the accent sometimes. Continue reading