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“Your set is on fire!” Oh no it isn’t ……..

Whilst chuckling over another funny posting by one of my favourite bloggers, Jennie Orbell (oh and I apologise in advance, Jennie, for the ‘You have a new comment‘ message you have probably now received due to the above link), memories of my Amateur Operatic days and, in particular, Pantomime came flooding back. It was all I could do to stop myself from launching into a 2 hour long marathon sing song, in which I revisited every single one of the songs I ever had to learn for 5 pantomimes and 2 shows.

I love to sing and oddly enough it was a song with that very phrase as its’ title, that I had to sing, during my first ever audition for Panto chorus at the tender age of 14. I still sing at every given opportunity: whether it be to the plants in the greenhouses, the wren nesting in the ivy or just as a way to make tedious jobs such as ironing and washing up, pass in a haze of remembered enjoyment, I will raise my voice and belt out a traditional Panto tune with complete lack of self-consciousness and no consideration for the feelings of neighbours or passing strangers. Continue reading

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The High Street savings project – week 3

With my pre-priced shopping list in one hand and my heavy duty bags in the other, I set off to town this morning for the 3rd week of High Street shopping. Sadly the bitterly cold winter weather wasn’t conducive to making this an enjoyable task but it had to be done.

Mind you, there was the added incentive of a new shop to add to my list of places to visit this morning – new to me that is, not to town – and so after my usual stop in at the butcher I popped in to chat to the fishmonger. He was a very helpful chap and was happy to give me the prices for our family favourites: Haddock, Salmon and Sea Bass. I also bought 6 fishcakes from him, at 40p each, and we’ll have those for tea tonight. I’m keen to see how they compare to the ones we sometimes buy from the supermarket. Continue reading

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The high street again

Today saw my second weekly shopping trip, using the shops in the town instead of the supermarket. Armed with my list, already costed up with the prices from the on-line shopping basket, I spent 2 hours walking from one end of the town to the other, comparing prices as I went.

My trip to the butcher was both successful and informative with the butchers’ wife happily taking the time to discuss the various cuts of meat and very willingly giving me the price per pound of all the meat and vegetables that I bought from their shop, especially when I explained that my aim was to see if returning to the high street permanently will, ultimately, show consistent savings on the grocery shopping over the month, as opposed to the local supermarket. Continue reading


A bit of a grumble!

Is it just me? I know I’m a bit of a dinosaur where technology is concerned and social networking websites are baffling to say the least, not in how the work but what the appeal is. I mean I just don’t understand this driving need to have a zillion on-line friends, most of whom you don’t actually know and will probably never meet. What is the point on issuing and accepting, friendship requests to/from strangers?

I decided to write my blog because I enjoy writing. I’m not particularly good at it and I doubt I’ll ever be brave enough to submit a manuscript for consideration but here I can type to my hearts content and if someone happens along, enjoys reading what I’ve written, maybe makes a comment or clicks the ‘Like’ button, then fantastic. I’ll happily have a comment conversation with a fellow blogger or reader, whether it’s my blog or theirs and I’ll even click the ‘Like’ button BUT, and this is quite a big but for me, I will only ever ‘Like’ a post if I have actually read the post. Continue reading

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Mum knew best ….. return to the high street

I remember a time when the weekly shop took the best part of a Saturday morning or afternoon to complete.

What's left of the fruit from the market

What’s left of the fruit from the market

When mums dragged their offspring along to act as bag carriers and item spotters.

When the shop keepers knew your name and what you liked to buy because you visited the same shops every week.

When the promise of a cola or lemonade and a cream bun in the local cafe, once all of the items on the seemingly never ending shopping list had finally been found and purchased, was the only incentive you needed to keep up with your mum and try not to squabble with your sibling because failure on either count would result in a direct route to the bus stop/car park …….. do not pass go (or the tea shop) and do not collect cream bun en route. Continue reading

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The joys of dealing with call centres

Back in March I had to deal with our broadband provider because we were having problems with the reliability of the connection and the speed (or rather lack of it). Mud works from home and so these were major issues as they effectively prevented him from doing his job which potentially meant he would have to commute to head office each day if the problem persisted.

Anyway, the upshot of these discussions was that we ended up taking out a new 12 month contract which, the girl assured me, was the exact same package we were already on (our previous contract had ended a couple of months earlier and we had been on a month to month basis since) but it was cheaper because we were taking out a new 12 month contract. Continue reading

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Technology – keeping up with the Jones

I often think that life was a lot less stressful before the advent of all things technical and computer based. Time was when the latest ‘gadget’ referred to something as boringly simple as the latest Kenwood food mixer or as mundane as the new and improved Remmington electric shaver. 

As a teenager I thought I was top of the tree when I got a small, yellow, portable transistor radio for Christmas and was even more impressed when, the following year, I received an all singing, all dancing ‘slim-line’ Texas Instrument Scientific calculator (rather than the inch thick basic one I’d had previously). As for the day my parents swapped our old, traditional dial telephone for a push button one, well that ranked as a huge upwardly mobile moment but not quite as huge as the day they traded in our black and white television for a colour one! Continue reading