The Land Rover Owners Wife


The horse and his girl

Prince by name and a prince by nature

I’ve written a couple of times about my beautiful Eldest Mudlet and her struggles with endometriosis and transverse myelitis, how life can often seem to be a constant battle with pain, how she tries not to let it regiment her life and is determined to enjoy and make the most of the positives in her life. These positives include her wonderful loving and understanding (not to mention long suffering – if your partner has a horse you’ll understand) fiancĂ©, the job she recently got promoted in to and her younger sisters who often make her giggle and brighten her toughest days with an over-excited, enthusiastic phone call about their day and achievements. Continue reading



I only have one resolution this year ……

I don’t do resolutions as a general rule because, well, no big surprise, but I rarely manage to stick to one long enough for any changes to register. That said I have decided that this year (2018), I am going to try and find one positive thing to record for each day of the year to try and make sure that I can hold onto my ‘glass half full’ outlook, even if in the company of ‘glass half empty’ individuals whose negativity has, I have found, often influenced my own outlook, no matter how hard I try not to let it. Continue reading

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A new year approaches and there are changes afoot

It’s hard to believe that another year has passed by in what seems like a mere blink of an eye. In just a matter of days we will be welcoming in another year and with it comes the promise of new adventures, opportunities and more chances to realises long held dreams, or brand new goals. As the years march on by, Mud and I watch our three beautiful girls grow both in stature (although I feel Little Mudlet will always be a mere slip of a thing), confidence and character. Continue reading

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Merry Christmas from Mudville

It’s safe to say that I really don’t like shopping and doing the usual big shop is my idea of hell on earth but I do it because it has to be done. My preferred way to shop is to leave Mud at home with the Mudlets and to set off on my own with my very detailed list safely tucked away in my purse. This way I can concentrate on finding the best deals without feeling the pressure of a stressed husband and bored children, who are all desperately wanting to flee the scene for the relative peace of Mudville. Continue reading


Christmas Trees and Robin feed

The Mudlets decorated the tree

For several years we had bought our Christmas tree from a small, family run garden centre, usually for less and for a healthier looking tree, than could be found at the much larger local chain garden centre. Unfortunately, a couple of Christmases ago, we discovered that the owners of the small garden centre had retired and the facility was now closed and so we bought the next two trees from the larger garden centre. Continue reading

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Garden Friends Buffet

What you can’t see is the 2 dozen birds waiting in the hedge for me to go away!

As a gardener, I have a great deal of admiration, respect and gratitude for the plethora of wild visitors who work tirelessly to pollinate my plants and keep them free from the army of pests whose sole mission in life is to inflict as much damage as possible. Continue reading


Entrepreneur Mudlets

Ready for business

All the hard work put in by the Mudlets to produce pinecones and salt dough ornaments paid off this afternoon, when they had an extremely successful stall at the village Christmas market. Paper chains were added to the mix, with the last few of my knitted toys, as well as the last few glittery cones from last year which I found, carefully packed away in a shoe box, hidden amongst the tinsel and streamers in our Christmas decorations boxes. Continue reading


Glittery Cinnamon Salt Dough ornaments

Rudolph the red nose reindeer …….. with sparkly nose

The Mudlets love to do crafting, whether it be making and painting Warhammer miniatures or Airfix models with Mud, learning to knit (Little Mudlet is doing a pretty good job making a blanket for her teddy), or drawing. They particularly enjoy crafting associated with Christmas and this year is no different. Middle Mudlet has collected around 80 pinecones which she will be painting and glittering and both girls have a pack of paper chain links bought in the January sales and a couple of packs of sparkly cards with envelopes, in red and green, which they intend to make into Christmas cards. Continue reading

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Pinecones for Christmas

Cleaned, baked and nearly ready for painting.

December is approaching at break neck speed and the annual Victorian Market will be upon us in a matter of weeks, so this morning I popped down to the greenhouse to retrieve the pinecones Middle Mudlet had collected a few weeks ago, in order that I could start preparing them ready for her to paint. Continue reading

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A Prince in Flight

Gently, gently catchee rider

It has been over two years since Eldest Mudlet made the heart-breaking decision to sell her beloved mare, Gypsy, the reasons for which are covered in ‘Princes for my Princess’, as is the arrival in to Mudlets’ life of Prince. Since then things haven’t been exactly plain sailing for my daughter, as she has battled continuing health issues and endured two surgeries but in all this she has found solace in her horse and what a horse he has turned out to be.

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