The Land Rover Owners Wife


It’s been a while and there have been some changes!

It’s been a trying and strange year for everyone on the planet with virtually the entire human population having to adjust to what has become known as ‘the new normal’. But even before Lockdown started way back in March, there had been dramatic but needed changes in the lives of myself and the Mudlets: Mud and I have parted company and I no longer live at Mudville! Continue reading

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The first garden purchases of 2019.


Hoping for another sizzling chilli year.

“But it’s only the 4th of January”, you may well be thinking, but when it comes to chillis and peppers, you really can’t start too early, especially when you consider that it can take several weeks for chilli seeds to germinate, or the fact that realistically there is only a short ripening window. No, the sooner you start chilli and sweet pepper seeds off the better in my humble opinion. My tomatoes won’t be that long behind either but they’re a bit trickier, as they have tendency to legginess (is that a word?) if kept in the house too long BUT I will struggle to get them ripe before the end of the growing season, if sown too late. Continue reading

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There be Bronze in that there Rubble Heap

One of my rescued Bronze Fennel seedlings.

If there is one thing guaranteed to strike fear into the heart of a Land Rover owners partner, it is the words ‘We need to bleed the brakes!’ and it was those words that Mud uttered yesterday! My heart sank because bleeding the brakes of a series Land Rover is never easy, is never a quick job, always involves much cursing and swearing and invariably results in mutterings about rusted bleed nipples, located in nigh on impossible to reach places, due to the nonsensical design whims of the Land Rover engineers of by-gone days. Continue reading

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Bransby Horses: A trip for Little Mudlet

One of the younger horses at the ‘Meet the Foals’ event.

Even though she has never ridden one in her life, Little Mudlet is horse mad! I think this mostly stems from her hero worshipping of her adored oldest sister, Eldest Mudlet, who, as regular readers of my blog know, has her own rather special horse called Prince. Whenever she speaks to Eldest Mudlet, it is always Prince Little Mudlet asks about first, firing question after question about his wellbeing and what he’s been up to and it can be some time before she remembers to ask after her sister and her sisters’ fiancé. Continue reading

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Little Mudlets Craft Success

A last minute creation; the wonder of a childs imagination.

Little Mudlet didn’t have any produce to exhibit in the local show but she did have entries for some of the childrens’ craft classes. Having been successful last year with her photography entry, she had been snapping away trying to get the perfect shot for several weeks and Friday saw me heading into town to do some shopping but also to use the photo printer which is in one of the shops.

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Mudville Lego City


Mudville Lego City with the much loved Yellow Brick house

It’s been almost four years since Mud built a not so little yellow Lego house for the girls to play with and in spite of his repeated requests for it to be demolished so that he can rebuild a new and improved version (the perfectionist in him hasn’t ever really been 100% happy with the finished model), both of the younger Mudlets have resolutely refused, happy with the yellow creation, sharing custody – for the most part, amiably – and incorporating it into their games at will.  Continue reading

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Almost Wordless Wednesday

When endo’ cramps forced Eldest Mudlet to take a rest in the field, Prince came over to check on her and kept her company for 10 to 15 minutes. She set her phone up on the barrow and started to film and managed to catch this beautiful moment which clearly shows the strong bond and affection that has developed between them in the three years since she bought him.

She is his world and he is hers.


The horse and his girl

Prince by name and a prince by nature

I’ve written a couple of times about my beautiful Eldest Mudlet and her struggles with endometriosis and transverse myelitis, how life can often seem to be a constant battle with pain, how she tries not to let it regiment her life and is determined to enjoy and make the most of the positives in her life. These positives include her wonderful loving and understanding (not to mention long suffering – if your partner has a horse you’ll understand) fiancé, the job she recently got promoted in to and her younger sisters who often make her giggle and brighten her toughest days with an over-excited, enthusiastic phone call about their day and achievements. Continue reading