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Pinecones for Christmas

Cleaned, baked and nearly ready for painting.

December is approaching at break neck speed and the annual Victorian Market will be upon us in a matter of weeks, so this morning I popped down to the greenhouse to retrieve the pinecones Middle Mudlet had collected a few weeks ago, in order that I could start preparing them ready for her to paint. Continue reading


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A crafting Saturday

Just needs the spacers but I'm pleased with how this looks.

Just needs the spacers but I’m pleased with how this looks.

When the girls received an invitation from their best friend to go over and watch the Lego Starwars movie on Saturday, they happily accepted and as the invitation also included an offer of coffee and jewellery making for me, I went as well. Before long the kids were safely ensconced in the lounge with a huge bowl of freshly made popcorn and some juice and my friend and I were sitting in the dining room with coffee and all of the paraphernalia needed to spend an enjoyable couple of hours, making bracelets and earrings, laid out in front of us. Continue reading