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Happy New Year

Just a very quick post to wish you all a happy, healthy and prosperous 2015. Many thanks to all of you who have taken the time to read and/or have commented on my posts throughout the last year (and a special mention for Gail aka Jennie Orbell who for some reason or other can’t post comments on my blog and so takes the time to email me instead 🙂 ).

I would also like to thank those of you who have offered words of support and encouragement throughout the year – these have been greatly appreciated.

Take care and happy blogging.

With love,




Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it’s flapjack and it’s banned!

It is fair to say that over recent years, many of the decisions made in the name of Health and Safety have, for many of us ordinary mortals, been frankly mystifying and hard to fathom. Looking at all the rules and regulations now in force, one has to say that it is nothing short of a miracle that so many of us made it to maturity.

I remember Autumn days in the playground with hoards of eager children, clutching conkers threaded on to old and fraying laces, waiting their turn to battle it out with the current champion to earn the title of Conker Champion of the school, spectators ducking to avoid bits of and sometimes whole conkers, complete with part of a lace which has finally snapped, flying through the air at break neck speeds. Continue reading

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When I was a lass ………….

As a child, snow of any description was met with joy and excitement and deep snow promised a whole world of opportunities from snowmen to snowballs and a host of things in between.

Deep snow 0n a school day was fantastic because this heralded the snowball fight of snowball fights each and every break time and at the start and finish of school as every pupil (and some parents) joined in, watched by ranks of snowmen, each adorned with the hats and scarves, originally intended for the architects of each individual snowman. Continue reading

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Banks, Bankers and the National Debt

I don’t claim to be a financial wizard and accountancy is a foreign language to me: I can more or less make our household accounts balance. On the other hand I’m not a complete numpty either and I can usually, just about understand the fiscal state of the country but I have to admit that right now I’m more than a little confused.

All this talk about cutting public spending and reforming the welfare state, tightening our belts and the like for several years to come, just doesn’t make sense. Continue reading