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The Garden Share Collective September 2014

As summer draws to a close and school reopens, it is time for the latest round of updates from the Garden Share Collective members, a full list of which can be found on Lizzies blog. It has been a strange summer break for the school garden, as it has been invaded by hundreds of wasps, not nesting but foraging on the sap of the trees which form the Willow structure in the grounds.

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The Garden Share Collective: August 2014

The Garden Share CollectiveWith the children 1 week into their summer break, comes the reminder from Lizzie of Strayedtable, that it is almost time for the next Garden Share Collective and as I contemplate what to write, it dawns on me that this is my twelfth contribution to this brilliant project. Twelve whole months of gardening/garden maintenance has sped past in a blink of an eye and already my thoughts are turning to Autumn/Winter jobs for both the school and my own garden. For now, however, I will concentrate on the monthly update for the school garden and once you have read this, why not pop over to Lizzies’ blog and catch up with the other gardens in the Collective from the UK, Australia and New Zealand.

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The Garden Share Collective: July 2014

The summer is marching along at a staggering pace and with the end of the school year within touching distance, comes the monthly gentle reminder from Lizzie, for the next Garden Share Collective post. Lots has been happening this last month and we’ve even had our first harvests of the year, albeit small ones, so here is the July update for Gardening Club and the school garden.

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The Garden Share Collective: June 2014

Things are really starting to look up in the school garden as I write this post for the Garden Share Collective and I’m looking forward to seeing how the other gardens in the collective are doing when their posts are published on Sunday (June 1st). You can find the full list of participating blogs on Lizzies site by clicking on the link here.

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The Garden Share Collective: May 2014

With the months passing at what seems to be warp speed, I was taken a little by surprise to realise that it was The Garden Share Collective time again. Mind you along with Lizzies’ usual words of encouragement, her reminder email also brought with it the welcome news that she had been safely delivered of a new baby, a little girl called Isla Rose. So on behalf of all those of us at Mudville and the members of Gardening Club, I’d like to wish Lizzie and Roy many congratulations and offer a warm welcome to baby Isla.

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The Garden Share Collective: April 2014

Finally the weather has picked up enough for some jobs to be done in the school garden and although not many of them involve planting or harvesting things, I can at least put together a post for The Garden Share Collective this month.

As I was saying, busy though I have been, the majority of the last month has been tied up with the painting of the vegetable trugs and storage box for the Foundation Area garden. Luckily one of the dads agreed to assemble the items, once all the component parts had been painted but this plan has been stalled by the dreadfully, rusty condition of one set of the main bolts and so I now have to approach the supplier and ask for a replacement set to be sent out.

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The Garden Share Collective: March 2014

With nothing much happening in the school garden at the moment, I haven’t actually done a post for Lizzie this month, however, I predict that next month will be a different story altogether.

I am sure that plenty has been going on in the other Garden Share Collective gardens, so why not pop over to Lizzies blog and click on the links and see what has been going on in Australia, New Zealand and other British garden.


The Garden Share Collective: February 2014

It only seems like yesterday that I was posting Januarys’ Garden Share Collective article and so it was a bit of a surprise to find Lizzie’s gentle reminder in my inbox the other day.

Obviously there isn’t a great deal to report at the moment, as here in the UK we are still in the throes of winter, with rain, freezing temperatures and gale force winds howling around the cottage as I type. Continue reading


The Garden Share Collective: January 2014

Unable to proceed any further in my own garden until more manure has been purchased, my thoughts turned to the jobs that were waiting in the school garden but more wet, cold and windy weather, together with a head cold, kept me from venturing out.

Then this morning, January 2nd, the day dawned sunny and dry, if still a little chilly and then the gentle reminder Lizzie sends out to those of us who contribute towards The Garden Share Collective, arrived in my inbox and so, leaving the Mudlets in the care of Mud, I headed over to the school and set to work. Continue reading