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The Garden Share Collective: November 2013

I can’t quite believe how fast the months are passing by and that it is already time to start thinking about my contribution to the Garden Share Collective for November. To be honest, I’m in a bit of a quandary because the beds are still not emptied at school and we are still picking tomatoes and runner beans but I like to think that this is Mother Natures way to compensate for the delayed start to the growing season. Continue reading


The Garden Share Collective: October 2013

September has been an odd sort of month with continued warm weather preventing the start of some of the tasks I had expected to have been doing with the children. I know that sounds a bit backwards but read on and it’ll all become clear.

This is my second article for the Garden Share Collective and it starts with the first day back at school following the long summer break. Continue reading


The Garden Share Collective: September

When I was asked if I would consider joining the Garden Share Collective, I decided that rather than write about my own garden, I’d cover the tasks and aims of the school garden and the Gardening Club. For those of you unfamiliar with the aims and objectives of the Collective, I have cut and paste the following from the information sent to me by Lizzie, founder of the Collective. Continue reading