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My Story – The Blind leading The Blind…

A very brave young lady I know has decided to share her struggles with endometriosis, from the battle to get a diagnosis, through trying to live her life in spite of it, to her continuing fight to receive a workable pain management and treatment plan. She is inspiring ….. (and more than a little bonkers)

Cramping my Style

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to kick the blog off with an “Introduction” sort of post or just dive right in with documenting my day to day life.

As it happened, today was a particularly mundane and boring day that I don’t have any confidence will interest and inspire anyone, least of all myself – I’ve done today once, I have no desire to do it twice through the medium of word. So the decision has been made for me and I figured I will kick “Cramping my Style” off with an overview of my journey with Endometriosis from start until today.

Honestly, I couldn’t tell you if my journey started at 14 or 24. Many women have a long and traumatic timeline of events, knowing something was wrong and battling for an answer. Me? I had a life of this or that bothering me, visiting the GP, being told I’m…

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