The Land Rover Owners Ex Wife

……becoming me again

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Lego and Land Rovers …. just another Sunday

Even at my age, I find building with Lego really therapeutic, relaxing and down right satisfying . Rummaging around in a box or three of bricks, creating something out of nothing and then sitting back and surveying my efforts with a relaxed sense of satisfaction.Lego Stables

It’s not often that I get the chance to indulge my thwarted architect side but last night I designed and built what I thought was a pretty impressive, eight stall stable block for my youngest daughter, complete with water buckets, hay in mangers, hay loft and tack room! Of course ultimately, it would be Little Mudlet who would decide on how successful my build was and I would have to wait until morning to get her considered opinion on things. Continue reading

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How many engines ………

…….. does it take to run a Series 2 Land Rover? Well if Muds’ workshop is anything to go by, 2 or maybe even 3.

Ciggy arrived with what appeared to be a relatively good 2.25 diesel engine but it was only a 3 main bearing (MB) which, apparently, wasn’t ideal. That said it was a good little engine and started very quickly, even on cold damp mornings after a week or so of no action but it was lacking a little bit of umph (is that torque in car engine speak?) And so the great engine debate began.2.25 diesel 5MB engine


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