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A Bonnie addition to the garden

This wasn't exactly waht I ahd in mind when I said we needed more colour in the garden

Not exactly what I had in mind when I said we needed more colour in the garden

Remember the story of Jack and the beanstalk and in particular the part where his mother, in a fit of disgust at her sons apparent gullibility, scatters the magic beans on the ground and next morning an enormous beanstalk has grown? Well something similar appears to have occurred in my garden overnight but instead of a handy giant beanstalk, my garden sprouted Land Rover panels …… banana yellow, Land Rover panels to be precise.

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Introducing Bonnie

Bonnie, our Series 1, Land Rover, 80"

Bonnie, our Series 1, Land Rover, 80″

Well here she is, the latest addition to our Land Rover fleet and she is a Series one, 80 inch. Eldest Mudlets’ reaction to the picture emailed to her was “I hope somebody paid you to take her away” but to be fair to this poor battered little car, she has been used as a trialler and, as a result, has a few more dings and dents than you would expect. However Mud is confident that a few gentle taps here and there with a mallet will straighten out the worst of them, although the rear tub will need a touch more work, as it is currently in two halves.

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