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Call centre before coffee? Not a good plan!

Over the last 18 months or so, we have been experiencing an intermittent but recurring problem with our Broadband connection …… and by ‘we’ I don’t just mean Mud and I! No, I’m talking virtually the entire village!

Of course initially you think you’re on your own and that it is your own fault when your service provider claims that:  “it is probably your equipment that is at fault and it will cost you £100 if the engineer [which they have finally agreed to send out], finds that this is the case.” At least I think that is what they say but it is hard to get past the accent sometimes. Continue reading

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Technology – keeping up with the Jones

I often think that life was a lot less stressful before the advent of all things technical and computer based. Time was when the latest ‘gadget’ referred to something as boringly simple as the latest Kenwood food mixer or as mundane as the new and improved Remmington electric shaver. 

As a teenager I thought I was top of the tree when I got a small, yellow, portable transistor radio for Christmas and was even more impressed when, the following year, I received an all singing, all dancing ‘slim-line’ Texas Instrument Scientific calculator (rather than the inch thick basic one I’d had previously). As for the day my parents swapped our old, traditional dial telephone for a push button one, well that ranked as a huge upwardly mobile moment but not quite as huge as the day they traded in our black and white television for a colour one! Continue reading