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My Winter Garden: snug as a bug …. I hope

Going nowhere fast

Going nowhere fast

I think it’s safe to say that no matter what happens to the plastic covers for my little grow houses, the frames won’t be going anywhere soon. You see, in true Mud fashion, these have been secured to the railway sleepers that edge my beds with industrial strength U-shaped nails and cable ties. Continue reading

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Discovering the green

As I have mentioned before, I find the time between sowing seeds and the first signs of seedlings almost unbearable and can be found checking propagators and vegetable beds on an hourly basis, in my hunt for signs of life, for confirmation that my seeds haven’t failed en mass. As much as Mud is obsessive about his Land Rovers, so the same can be said about me and my seeds.Greyhound cabbage seedlingsASo it is always with great excitement that I announce the arrival of the first of the seasons seedlings. Continue reading