The Land Rover Owners Ex Wife

……becoming me again

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Magic Pudding explained.


Vanilla ice-cream is the perfect accompaniment for this pudding.

A few years ago I wrote a blog on Magic Pudding ….. or at least I thought I did but when I actually searched for the post, I realised that I had only done the recipe with a picture of a portion of the pudding. I hadn’t explained why it has ‘magic’ in the title! Continue reading

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A piece of cake

Afternoon tea

Afternoon tea

With the Mudlets safely deposited at school, I turned my attention to a most pressing matter – what on earth could I make to put into their pack ups. It needed to be something quick but scrumptious and if I could make it chocolately as well, then all to the good. Continue reading


Mary Berrys Chocolate Brownies

Moist chocolatiness - yum!

Moist chocolatiness – yum!

With the girls due back at school tomorrow, I needed to bake them something nice to go in their packed lunches. We also needed a pudding for tonight (Monday), as Mud had been busy cooking the roast pork dinner we were supposed to have had yesterday. Unfortunately neither of us had remembered to take the pork joint out of the freezer Saturday night and so ‘Sunday Dinner’ was happening today. Continue reading

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Having your cake and eating it …..

When Middle Mudlet decided on a Lego themed party, complete with a brown (chocolate) Lego brick cake, I nearly cheered! Finally, a cake that would be relatively straightforward to make and it was baked, shaped and iced within 4 hours, a record in this household.Lego birthday cake

 I have made the birthday cakes for every one of our younger girls special days. Unfortunately, the same can not be said for poor, disadvantaged Eldest Mudlet. For her first 4 birthdays, she had to make do with bought versions, not that she minded at the time. Continue reading