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Mud’s in a jam again!

Cooking jam here is great fun - just ask the wasps!

Cooking jam here is great fun – just ask the wasps!

When Mud came home earlier this week with another 3lb or so of plump, juicy cherries, the Mudlets were beside themselves. Their joy, however, was short lived as daddy announced that he had promised the colleague who had supplied the cherries, that I would make cherry jam out of them and he would bring her a jar!

Excellent! Cheers hun! Can’t thank you enough.

Obviously Mud has never had to stand and de-stone and then chop up 3lb of cherries before because, if he had then maybe he wouldn’t have been so willing to volunteer my services – I hope. So here I had 3lb of cherries and a promise to make jam, bearing in mind that my last attempt at making cherry anything, had ended if not in disaster, certainly not in the form of jam or preserve. So no pressure there then. Continue reading


What to do with nearly 3lb of cherries? Conserve them

The last few won't last long with the Mudlets around

The last few won’t last long with the Mudlets around

Earlier this week, Mud came home with a huge tub of Cherries which one of his work colleagues had given him as a thank you for the tomato plants and tub we’d given her. We love cherries in this household but even we were going to struggle to get through what turned out to be nearly 3lb (1.36kg) of the most gorgeous, tasty and juicy cherries we have ever tasted, although the Mudlets were happy to try.

So I had to come up with a plan and, following on from the success with my strawberry conserve a few weeks ago, I decided to have a go at Cherry Conserve. Continue reading