The Land Rover Owners Ex Wife

……becoming me again

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Little Mudlets Craft Success

A last minute creation; the wonder of a childs imagination.

Little Mudlet didn’t have any produce to exhibit in the local show but she did have entries for some of the childrens’ craft classes. Having been successful last year with her photography entry, she had been snapping away trying to get the perfect shot for several weeks and Friday saw me heading into town to do some shopping but also to use the photo printer which is in one of the shops.

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Entrepreneur Mudlets

Ready for business

All the hard work put in by the Mudlets to produce pinecones and salt dough ornaments paid off this afternoon, when they had an extremely successful stall at the village Christmas market. Paper chains were added to the mix, with the last few of my knitted toys, as well as the last few glittery cones from last year which I found, carefully packed away in a shoe box, hidden amongst the tinsel and streamers in our Christmas decorations boxes. Continue reading

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Pinecones for Christmas

Cleaned, baked and nearly ready for painting.

December is approaching at break neck speed and the annual Victorian Market will be upon us in a matter of weeks, so this morning I popped down to the greenhouse to retrieve the pinecones Middle Mudlet had collected a few weeks ago, in order that I could start preparing them ready for her to paint. Continue reading

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The Mudlets go crafting again.

In need of repotting.

In need of repotting.

Last year I took the girls to several childrens’ crafting sessions which were being held, to coincide with the monthly farmers market, in a local town. Costing between £1.50 and £2.50 per child, depending on what they were making, the girls spent an hour or so each session making and decorating various things. Then about a week ago, Little Mudlet brought a leaflet home from school, detailing more craft sessions and so last Saturday I took the girls to the first one. Continue reading