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Pinecones for Christmas

Cleaned, baked and nearly ready for painting.

December is approaching at break neck speed and the annual Victorian Market will be upon us in a matter of weeks, so this morning I popped down to the greenhouse to retrieve the pinecones Middle Mudlet had collected a few weeks ago, in order that I could start preparing them ready for her to paint. Continue reading


Christmas in Mudville

The Mudlets did a good job on the tree

The Mudlets did a good job on the tree

The run up to Christmas was a hectic one in Mudville, starting with the putting up of the decorations on the 1st of December and culminating with the youngest Mudlets finding all manner of surprises left by Santa under the tree. A broken hearted and poorly Eldest Mudlet came across for the day, stayed the night but went home Boxing Day to languish in the comfort of her own bed, taking with her the warm hug I had knitted for her. But as much as the build up to Christmas Day was busy and filled with the pent up excitement of the younger girls, all too soon it was over and we found ourselves ambling along to New Years with an exhausted and flu ridden Mud taking to his bed for the best part of two days. Continue reading

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Bedecked and bedazzled

Christmas Lights add a bit of sparkle to a dark corner.

Christmas Lights add a bit of sparkle to a dark corner.

December dawned bright and early in Mudville, as the not so hushed voices of excited Mudlets speculated as to which sort of Advent calendar would be waiting downstairs and whether or not mummy would have the time to put up the decorations that day, whilst they were at school. It is traditional in our house, for the main body of decorations and streamers to go up on the first of the month but I had made much about finding the time amidst all the other jobs I had to do and so the girls weren’t entirely sure what the house would look like when they got home. For those of you wondering about the tree, we prefer the real kind and so that is usually bought on or around the 12th of the month which seems to be the optimum time to allow for its’ survival up to the 12th night. Continue reading


Oh Christmas Tree

My Christmas plant basket lit up with 'warm white' lights

My Christmas plant basket lit up with ‘warm white’ lights

We always have a real tree at Christmas and the trip to go choose said tree, provides yet more fuel for the Mudlet excitement levels. A couple of weeks earlier whilst on the way to collect Eldest Mudlet from the bus station in a local town, I had passed a sign for Christmas trees which a local independent nursery had for sale.

We had been to this little nursery before and really liked the fact that not only was it a family run business but it stocked plant necessities like compost, pots and feed and …… drum roll please …… plants!! Not a candle, ornament, book, jigsaw or article of clothing in sight. For gardeners who were heartily sick of having to walk through acres of non-gardening related items before reaching an actual plant in the larger local garden centres, this was a breath of fresh air and so when I suggested to Mud that we go to the smaller establishment to get our tree this year, he readily agreed. Continue reading

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The Mudlets Christmas Make its

Home made snowmen and painted pine cones amongst the bought decorations

Home made snowmen and painted pine cones amongst the bought decorations

Glance around our home over the Christmas period and dotted amongst the tinsel, ornaments and streamers, you will see examples of the Mudlets handiwork:
  • Styrofoam angels and snowmen liberally adorned with huge quantities of glitter can be found in pride of place on the window sills; Continue reading