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Saplings and seeds

Twins – they look like miniature Palm Trees at this stage

Not entirely sure when a seedling tree becomes a sapling but I like a bit of alliteration in my titles and so ‘Saplings and Seeds’ it is. We have no less than three Christmas Tree babies but oddly enough and to the fascination and wonder of the younger Mudlets, they look remarkably like tiny palm trees. Middle Mudlet has two trees from her pod, both of which are standing straight and proud, and Little Mudlet has one which appears to be a day or two behind Middle Mudlets’ in terms of germination and growth. Both girls are thrilled to pieces and can’t wait for the babies to be big enough to plant on, although they are in big pots already, so it may be that we end up carefully replacing some of the seed compost with fresh all purpose compost in a week or two. I’m going to ask the advice of another blogger who I’ve been following for a year or two and who just happens to live on a farm that, amongst other things, grows Christmas Trees. Continue reading

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Exciting things happening on the Mudlet Christmas Tree farm

Middle Mudlets’ tree is coming straight up the middle…… in a curly sort of way.

A few weeks ago I told you about the Mudlets and how they had planted their ‘Grow Your Own Christmas Trees’ seed pods which we had bought from the Christmas Tree farm when we got our Christmas Tree.  They had cost the princely sum of 99p and to be honest I wasn’t hopeful that we would have any success with them, especially as the pod containing the seed was made from that biodegradable cardboard stuff which, in my experience, tends to go mouldy at a much faster rate than that which the seed contained within it grows at. Continue reading