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Then there are the ‘Grow-your-own’ Christmas Trees

A future Mudville Christmas tree may be cocooned in this pod

During our visit to Fillinghams’ Christmas Tree farm back in December, I spotted some packets of ‘Grow-your-own’ Christmas Trees for the bargain price of 99p each. I thought that these would be a fun thing for the youngest Mudlets to try to grow, so we paid for two of them and the girls were delighted with this extra purchase. All through Christmas the pods were proudly kept with their sleigh gifts and Christmas toys, waiting for the day when we could plant them …… and that day was today. Continue reading


Christmas Trees and Robin feed

The Mudlets decorated the tree

For several years we had bought our Christmas tree from a small, family run garden centre, usually for less and for a healthier looking tree, than could be found at the much larger local chain garden centre. Unfortunately, a couple of Christmases ago, we discovered that the owners of the small garden centre had retired and the facility was now closed and so we bought the next two trees from the larger garden centre. Continue reading


Oh Christmas Tree

My Christmas plant basket lit up with 'warm white' lights

My Christmas plant basket lit up with ‘warm white’ lights

We always have a real tree at Christmas and the trip to go choose said tree, provides yet more fuel for the Mudlet excitement levels. A couple of weeks earlier whilst on the way to collect Eldest Mudlet from the bus station in a local town, I had passed a sign for Christmas trees which a local independent nursery had for sale.

We had been to this little nursery before and really liked the fact that not only was it a family run business but it stocked plant necessities like compost, pots and feed and …… drum roll please …… plants!! Not a candle, ornament, book, jigsaw or article of clothing in sight. For gardeners who were heartily sick of having to walk through acres of non-gardening related items before reaching an actual plant in the larger local garden centres, this was a breath of fresh air and so when I suggested to Mud that we go to the smaller establishment to get our tree this year, he readily agreed. Continue reading