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Stylecraft Sweater in Cabaret Forest Glade – FO

There is nothing subtle about the banding created by the yarn.

Well I’ve finished Middle Mudlets’ sweater and she has declared herself very happy with it. She doesn’t normally go in for sparkly things that much but she really likes the effect of the shiny thread that is wound through the yarn. The three-quarter length sleeves and the roll neck are another new feature for Middle Mudlet but as she gets older, her tastes are changing and, to a very small degree, she is starting to shake off some of her tomboyish ways. Continue reading


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Sweater in Stylecraft Cabaret – Forest Glade

Stylecraft Sweater in Cabaret Double Knit Forest Glade

Around Christmas time an email from Deramores dropped into my inbox with the news that they were offering 10% off all purchases. Having finished my little stockings a couple of weeks earlier, I was looking for a new project – for Middle Mudlet this time – and so logged into the Deramores site and had a browse. Before long I had found a pattern which Middle Mudlet was happy with and had chosen a yarn to go with it. As it happened, the recommended yarn for the pattern, Stylecraft Cabaret double knit, had a range of gorgeous colour ways and Middle Mudlet chose the Forest Glade colour, a beautiful variegated green stripe ranging from dark bottle green to a much lighter pastel, with a shimmering thread running throughout. Continue reading

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Jumper Dress in James C. Brett Rustic Aran Tweed: Summer Sunshine and Winter Knits

Summer sunshine and winter knits

It struck me as rather incongruous to be sitting in a sundress, with the sun beating down, temperatures of 23/24 degree heat knitting an Aran weight jumper dress but it didn’t stop me doing it. I simply refuse to sit indoors and moulder when the sun is shining and I have the chance to enjoy the summer sunshine. Fresh air and the need to soak up as much vitamin D as I could, saw me pack my project and its’ HUGE ball of yarn, into my craft bag and head outside.  Continue reading

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Jumper Dress in James C. Brett Rustic Aran Tweed

Rustic Aran DAT32 jumper dress

With Little Mudlets’ Rose Trellis jumper dress completed, I turned my attention to my next project. When I had ordered the yarn for the Rose Trellis project, I had also found and bought a pattern for MY next garment and the pattern had been carefully stowed away, awaiting its’ turn. Continue reading

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Purple jumper dress with rose trellis hem pattern – finished and modelled

She loves the single pink rose on one sleeve.

Well it took me a bit longer than I anticipated to get Little Mudlets’ jumper dress finished off but I finally found the time to settle down with my sewing needle and tackle the job of setting sleeves, sewing hems and tidying all the loose ends away. Continue reading


Purple jumper dress with rose trellis hem pattern – nearly finished!

I love the border

It seems like forever since I started the little purple jumper dress with rose trellis border pattern for Little Mudlet and to be fair, it has been almost 6 months since I posted about it. The thing is, as often happens, life got in the way of progress and I wasn’t able to pick up my needles and knit comfortably for a while, by which time the act of actually continuing with the dress felt more like a chore. To be honest, I kind of fell out of love with knitting for a while and decided I needed to take a break. Continue reading

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How the yarns wore part 2

Three of the yarns featured in this post

Back in 2014 I did a follow up post on how the various yarns I had used for garments had faired after a bit of wear and wash. When I am choosing the yarn for my next project, I always read any reviews that may have been posted but these are, for the most part, written just after a project has been finished and so only cover the workability, feel and colour etc. which is all very well and good but so often I’ve bought yarn based on these good reviews, only to find out that in the real world, the yarn doesn’t fair so well. This is what led me to write my original ‘how the yarns wore‘ post and I have commented here and there about subsequent yarns I’ve used but I thought it might be helpful to do another follow up post on the yarns used since the 2014 post. Continue reading


A Parliament, an array and a dress for me

These little chaps are actually quite big

These little chaps are actually quite big

Following the completion of Middle Mudlets’ complicated sweater, I felt the need to do something a little less challenging and so opted to dig out the King Cole tinsel yarn I had purchased a few months ago and make up a couple of sparkly owls ready for the Christmas Fare. I had come across the owl pattern a short while ago, in the local garden centre of all places, and had bought both it and another couple of balls of the tinsel yarn, plus some pastel coloured double knit for faces, ears etc. Now with some time on my hands and no major project waiting in the wings, I gathered my materials together and before long I had completed a little blue owl, much to the delight of the younger Mudlets. Continue reading


Yarn for multiple projects

Little Mudlet wants this dress again but with short sleeves

Little Mudlet wants this dress again but with short sleeves

Having finished Eldest Mudlets birthday top a few weeks ago, I haven’t actually been knitting anything since but I was starting to get itchy fingers and when an email offering 20% off all DK yarn arrived from Deramores, I was spurred into finding the yarn and pattern for Middle Mudlets’ next garment and ordering the yarn for Little Mudlet, who had already asked for another Sirdar jumper dress but the short sleeved version this time. I opened the page for the Sirdar Crofter DK yarn that the jumper dress was knitted in and she made her choice from the colour ways available. Continue reading


Eldest Mudlet models her top

Boxy Sweater Eldest Mudlet and her boyfriend came home the other day for a belated family celebration of her birthday. Presents and a cake awaited her and Mud had planned a veritable feast for her birthday tea. Every Chirstmas and birthday for the last three years or so, I have knitted her something special to wear, for which she has always been incredibly appreciative but the present giving is a time when I worry that I’ve made a terrible mistake and she wont like my latest creation. So far, she’s loved them all. Continue reading