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Deramores Woodland Animals: Fox

Here he is. Very cute but still not convinced about the feet

So here it is, my completed orange, black and white project and as you can see, it is the fox from the Deramores Woodland Animals collection. He didn’t take very long to make and I think he has a rather charming face. I can’t help think that he needs something more though …… like a little scarf or maybe a neck ribbon. Hmm, I’ll have to give it some thought.

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What’s Orange, Black and White?

That’s what the Mudlets have been asking me, as my latest knitting project began to take shape, section by section …… well when I say shape, I mean the flat pieces were finished and put to one side ready for finishing once all the separate pieces were knitted up but there wasn’t any real clue as to what the final shape would be. 

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New version of an old favourite.

Warm colours for a warm jumper

Back in 2015, I made Middle Mudlet a two tone blue snowflake sweater, using “James C Brett Top Value double knit”. The original post can be found here and reading between the lines you will realise that when I started that particular project, I hadn’t had much experience working with two yarns at any given time and so it was with some trepidation that I agreed to Middle Mudlets’ choice of pattern and started work on it.
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And so it begins

We need it to start turning orange now

Wow! Where has this year gone? It only seems 5 minutes since I was planning what I was going to plant in the school garden, agreed to help in the local community garden and took the decision to back off from blogging for a while to allow my mojo to heal and rejuvenate. As for my own garden, it has had the year off to replenish the depleted nutrients which have resulted from several seasons of year on year growing and in spite of zealous digging in of fertilisers. My beds are currently buried under a generous layer of farmhouse manure and freshly mulched hedge clippings, ready for the autumn/winter weather and local population of worms to work their magic, breaking it down into the much needed, aforementioned nutrients. With any luck growing season 2018 is going to be a good one. Continue reading

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It’s been a while

The Mudlets were thrilled at how well their pine cones sold and my toys did okay as well.

November was the last time I wrote something for my blog and, at that time, it was a relief when I took the decision to put down my virtual pen and walk away. That said, I would occasionally pop in and have a nose around the blogs I follow but for the most part, the WP tile on my phone was left untouched, neglected and alone, passed over as I reached for Google, email, word or the camera tiles instead. I’m not entirely sure what went wrong, other than it became a chore to sit down and start typing which was a shame because I love writing, as is evidenced by the articles I still produce for the village magazine and letters I draft on behalf of Gardening Club or the PTA.

Over recent weeks, however, the urge to reclaim my blog has been growing ever stronger and I am finally ready to re-enter the world of blogging, albeit with a more relaxed approach and to start with, here is an update on happenings in Mudville: Continue reading

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“In your Easter Bonnet, with all the frills upon it”

Little Mudlet was very proud of her Easter Bonnet

Little Mudlet was very proud of her Easter Bonnet

It’s ‘Wear a Hat’ day today, a fundraising event for Brain Tumour Research, and at Little Mudlets’ school, children and staff were encouraged to pay £1 and don a hat for the last day of term. So this morning, as we were waiting for the school day to begin, over 70 assorted hats from stetsons to baseball caps, bowlers to sun hats, were visible, as excited children chatted in their particular groups and amongst the everyday hats, a gloriously colourful array of Easter Bonnets could also be seen, not least of which was the creation that adorned Little Mudlets’ head. Continue reading

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Jumper dress in Softfun Denim

Little Mudlets choice

Little Mudlets choice

With my lace top finished (completely forgot to do a final post for that but will do one shortly) and the first of the tinsel hedgehogs out of the way, I set to and cast on the stitches for the back section of Little Mudlets’ jumper dress. I had chosen Scheepjeswol Softfun Denim for this particular project in a lovely, dark mint green colour (shade 517) which has a subtle fade graduation through it which you can just about make out in these pictures. The pattern is a King Cole (4022) and is written for double knit but I opted for the Scheepjeswol over the recommended King Cole dk because I preferred the colour options the Softfun gave me. Continue reading


Poggle and friend

Poggles is on the left with the more round snout

Poggle is on the left with the more rounded snout

I love hedgehogs and we have quite a number of prickly visitors making their way through out garden, munching away on the equally healthy population of slugs, throughout the ‘non-hibernatory’ parts of the year. They are a welcome sight and a pleasure to watch and listen to, as they snuffle about and so I was particularly delighted to find the ‘Hedgehog Kit’ offer on the Deramores on-line shop, the other week. Continue reading


I’ve got a yarn stash

My little stash of yarn, waiting their turn to be made into something - special?

My little stash of yarn, waiting their turn to be made into something – special?

It’s only a small one but it’s still a yarn stash. Okay, strictly speaking, it’s not a stash in the same way as some of my fellow crafters because all the yarn has been bought with a specific project in mind. In fact the Scheepjeswol Softfun Denim was a gift as was 5 more balls of the Scheepjeswol Sunkissed in the green that I have used on my lace sweater. However, the Scheepjeswol Sunkissed in Beachhut Pink and King Cole Dolly Mixtures Double Knit in pink, as well as an additional ball of the Softfun Denim, were purchased from Deramores, along with two pattern leaflets and a pair of 2.5mm Addi bamboo single point needles which put my order at just over £30. This meant that I had qualified for a free King Cole Hedgehog kit which included the pattern, one ball of King Cole Tinsel Chunky and a ball of King Cole Dolly Mixture double knit in pale blue. Continue reading

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Lace Sweater in Scheepjeswol Sunkissed: Sleeve finished

The diamond pattern on the sleeve is quite simplistic .......

The diamond pattern on the sleeve is quite simplistic …….

Being unable to get out into my garden, has meant that I have been steadily working away on my lace sweater and have now finished the first sleeve and I am about halfway through the second. The sleeve pattern is pretty simple when compared to that on the front and back sections but the large diamond design compliments the lace of the body pieces nicely and requires little in the way of concentration which is no bad thing at the moment. As with the instructions with the front and back, the actual leaflet is incredibly easy to follow and, once again, indicates the number of rows that should have been completed at a given length. Continue reading