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Jumper in King Cole Moods DK: the back and a cuff

The back is finished

The back is finished

When I chose this particular pattern, I did so based on the lovely cable panel than ran up the centre of the front section. Having just completed a couple of projects which were primarily stocking stitch, I found the idea of a more complicated cable pattern appealing and the fact that this was balanced with panels of stocking stitch on either side, meant that it should be ideal for this time of the year when the garden is slowing down but does still require some work and the nights are drawing in, reducing available day light hours to potter about in. Although there wasn’t a picture of the back of the jumper on the pattern leaflet, the fact that the sleeves were also patterned, albeit differently to the front, led me to think that the back would also be patterned and so, with that and bearing in mind my love of knitting cable patterns, the pattern was ordered and so was the yarn.

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