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Christmas sparkle

A bit more Christmas sparkle

A bit more Christmas sparkle

One of the major down sides with having solid fuel stoves, has to be the amount of ash they spread around the home and certainly with anthracite, it isn’t a super fine dust. Oh no! Ash particles in our house can range from salt grain size to chunks the size of Lego bricks which are really uncomfortable under foot. Continue reading


A sleigh full of gifts

The sleigh held some surprises for Eldest Mudlet too

The sleigh held some surprises for Eldest Mudlet too

Sunday the 1st December 2013 and first thing that morning Mud was up in the attic rooting about for the Christmas decorations. Before long the first of 5 boxes and a decorative Santa were being passed down to me accompanied by Muds usual mutterings about needing to sort the attic out because it was packed to the rafters and he couldn’t find anything.

It didn’t help that Mud had to work on Annies electrics again that day and it was freezing outside, so he wasn’t the happiest member of the family at that time and a trip into the equally freezing cold attic hadn’t done much to improve his mood. However, he has always maintained that tradition is important and putting the decorations up on the first day of December is a tradition that he started that first Christmas in the cottage 11 years ago and all three Mudlets were expecting the decorations to go up that day …. no ifs, no buts, no maybes! Continue reading

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An Inexpensive Christmas

Every year, just around the start of December, Mud announces that this time we will be having an inexpensive Christmas. The Mudlets will only have a certain amount spent on them, we won’t go mad on food and drink and the annual bonus will NOT be used to pay for Christmas but to pay a large chunk off the credit card.Windowsill decorations

Every year I sit down and painstakingly work out what each Mudlet will get for Christmas, ensuring that I stick to the budget but that the main item for each Santa list has been included. Thankfully, the Mudlets aren’t into gadgetry, preferring instead, to play make believe with Playmobil and Lego, or to get creative with art and craft sets. Continue reading