The Land Rover Owners Ex Wife

……becoming me again

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Painting and decorating time is here

A much nicer colour I think

A much nicer colour I think

What does a land rover owner do when it’s a Bank Holiday and he can’t do any work on the Land Rovers because the weather isn’t predicted to be particularly good. Does he sit back and chill out, allowing his batteries to recharge for a couple of days, reading Land Rover Classic magazines, or surfing the net to see what’s new in the world of ancient Land Rovers, catching up on the blogs of fellow Land Rover owners and their vehicles? Well mine certainly doesn’t. No mine wonders into the dining room and takes a sudden and instant dislike to the existing decor and announces:

“I think we should redecorate this room this weekend!” Continue reading

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More Mudlet makes

Jewellery box and Tech Deck RackWith my latest knitting project completed, thoughts turned to ‘what next’ and I decided that it was Little Mudlets turn to have something knitted. So I trawled the Sirdar site to see what patterns they had.

There wasn’t a whole lot of choice, if I’m honest and at one point I was beginning to think that I might have to order online again, as my local craft shop only has a small number of suppliers (Sirdar being one of them). I do like to support my local shop where possible but it can be very limiting. Continue reading