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Scones two ways

What is the point on skimping on jam and cream

What is the point on skimping on jam and cream

Okay, some of you will be looking at this post thinking “scones two ways? I can only see one set of scones and some pancakes”, so first off I think I need to qualify my title.

Growing up, one of my favourite treats was the serving of what I knew as ‘Drop Scones’. As an adult I have seen these under the name of Scotch Pancakes or American Pancakes, as well as Drop Scones. Continue reading


Drop Scones with strawberries and ice-cream

A tasty treat for the Mudlets

A tasty treat for the Mudlets

With my strawberry plants still producing a rather respectable volume of fruit, I needed to think of another way to serve them up so that the Mudlets didn’t get fed up with them on their cereal. Well, okay they probably wouldn’t ever get fed up with strawberries on their cereal, as a snack or any way I chose to serve them but I did want to try something a little different for them.

So last night, after they had eaten their dinner I decided to make a batch of drop scones (American Pancakes or Scotch Pancakes) which are one of their favourite treats and are quick and easy to make. I used a bog standard batter recipe: Continue reading