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10 000 BC – what were they thinking?

I have been known to forage edibles for the Mudville Tribe

I have been known to forage edibles for the Mudville Tribe

We don’t watch fly on the wall reality TV shows in Mudville. There is no place in our life for Big Brother, celebrity or otherwise and, to be frank, I couldn’t care less whether a bunch of so called celebrities can survive a few weeks in an over scrutinised, thoroughly monitored and completely safe jungle environment. As for the attractions of life in Essex or Chelsea – well have the same appeal to me as a trip to the dentist. So when I saw adverts for Channel 5s latest offering, I wasn’t unduly worried, paid no heed at all and got on with life in Mudville. Continue reading


It’s song contest time again ………….

……. well actually there is only the voting left to do but I thought I’d start this post of while all the endless bits of nothingness with which the host country always feels compelled to fill the slot between end of singing and start of voting, are playing themselves out.

The Eurovision Song Contest is a tradition in our house, one of those weird snippets of childhood nostalgia that Mud insists we relive year after year and yet where is he now? Continue reading